Inter-Research Science Center

Inter-Research Science Center (IR) is a self-sustaining international Science Center - small but with great global impact.


IR web pages are visited very often. For example, in the past year our weblogs recorded over 750,000 visits from over 430,000 people in 227 countries and territories.


IR was founded by Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Otto Kinne.


IR produces high-quality publications




Book Series

  • Top Books
  • EE Books
  • ESEP Books
  • IR editorial policies and procedures conform to the recommendations of the Council of Science Editors. IR journals have achieved world-wide recognition as leaders in their respective fields of science. For example, according to the most recent assessment by, a non-commercial project that ranks journals by their influence, MEPS is No. 1 by Eigenfactor in both JCR categories "Marine & Freshwater Biology" and "Oceanography".


IR’s Operating Philosophy and Value-Added Services


  • IR employs more staff and invests more effort and money for evaluating, selecting and improving submitted manuscripts than most other publishers - commercial, institutional or society based.
  • IR does not compromise quality and standard of presentation of its publications, nor does it outsource its work to save costs. Nearly all IR production staff – editorial and administrative assistants, copyeditors and typesetters - are located at Center Headquarters in Oldendorf/Luhe, Germany.


IR’s Non-Profit Services to the Scientific Community


  • IR spends a considerable percentage of its revenue on support for science, education and ethics. For example, IR sponsors the International Ecology Institute (ECI), a non-profit organization of research ecologists dedicated to fostering ecological awareness. By publishing Excellence in Ecology, the ECI provides a platform for leading research ecologists –– the recipients of the ECI Prize –– to present overviews of their fields of professional competence. In this way they share with a large readership their own views on current ecological issues as well as their insights into the ecological realities that form the framework for the sustained existence and development of humanity.
  • IR sponsors the "Karl-Ritter-von-Frisch Preis" of the Deutsche Zoologische Gesellschaft (German Zoological Society).
  • IR supports the Otto Kinne Foundation (OKF) which provides financial assistance for promising young environmental scientists in Eastern European countries.
  • IR makes available (online) its entire back catalog of journal articles (5 years after publication), and many of its books, without charge.
  • IR makes broadly-relevant Theme Sections and Feature Articles available as online Open Access documents.


Pricing of IR Publications


  • The price of IR publications – on a per page, per article or per citation basis - is significantly lower than that of other commercial publishers, and is competitive with University-based presses. For example, the per article price for MEPS is US$ 11.37, whereas other publishers charge from US$12 to US$45 (see
  • Price adjustments for IR publications have been below the rate of inflation and are made only when they are necessary to maintain our level of service.
  • The fee for publishing an article as a Free Access or Open Access document in IR journals (€1050 to €1550 depending on article length) is amongst the lowest available for quality journals.