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Aquatic Biology

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Correction to AB 30:19-31 (2021) - DOI:

Geometric morphometric analyses define riverine and lacustrine species flocks of Himalayan snowtrout (Cyprinidae: Schizothorax) in Nepal


Binod Regmi*, Marlis R. Douglas, David R. Edds, Michael E. Douglas


*Corresponding author: binodregmi30(at)


April 14, 2021: : Changes were made to the Supplement after publication. Specifically:

In Table S2, the data for Haplotype Hap_17 were incorrectly given as KU:KUIT:1972 and Gandaki in the ‘HU tissue collection #’ and ‘Basin’ columns, respectively. These should be KU:KUIT:1969 and Koshi.

Incorrect: Hap_17 KU:KUIT:1972 KU:KUIT:29233 S. richardsonii Gandaki 27.5517 87.3017 MW479777

Correct: Hap_17 KU:KUIT:1969 KU:KUIT:29233 S. richardsonii Koshi 27.5517 87.3017 MW479777

These corrections do not affect the main text of the manuscript.

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