ESEP 9:13-15 (2009)  -  doi:10.3354/esep00097

Journalism ethics and climate change reporting in a period of intense media uncertainty

Bud Ward*

PO Box 1317, White Stone, Virginia 23578, USA

ABSTRACT: The best editors and reporters in the USA adhere to a well-defined, if somewhat abstract, code of journalistic ethics, but doing so during a time of revolutionary changes in the mainstream media—and during a severe financial crisis nationally and globally—presents peculiar challenges. How those challenges may affect the coverage of global climate change presents its own set of questions, and the outcome for journalism ethics is as unpredictable as it is for climate change policies and for journalism itself. This article raises issues that will have to be sorted out over time if the public is to be kept well informed about the challenges, risks, and opportunities posed by climate change.

KEY WORDS: Journalism · Climate change · News media · Global warming · Journalism ethics

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