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Endang Species Res (Print ISSN: 1863-5407; Online ISSN: 1613-4796)
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Stanistreet JE, Nowacek DP, Bell JT, Cholewiak DM, Hildebrand JA, Hodge LEW, Van Parijs SM, Read AJ
Spatial and seasonal patterns in acoustic detections of sperm whales Physeter macrocephalus along the continental slope in the western North Atlantic Ocean
ESR 35:1-13 | Full text in pdf format

Shertzer KW, Bacheler NM, Kellison GT, Fieberg J, Wiggers RK
Release mortality of endangered Warsaw grouper Hyporthodus nigritus: a state-space model applied to capture-recapture data
ESR 35:15-22 | Full text in pdf format

Orben RA, O’Connor AJ, Suryan RM, Ozaki K, Sato F, Deguchi T
Ontogenetic changes in at-sea distributions of immature short-tailed albatrosses Phoebastria albatrus
ESR 35:23-37 | Full text in pdf format

Wade J, Dealy L, MacConnachie S
First record of nest building, spawning and sexual dimorphism in the threatened Cowichan Lake lamprey Entosphenus macrostomus
ESR 35:39-45 | Full text in pdf format

Bakenhaster MD, Bullard SA, Curran SS, Kritsky DC, Leone EH, Partridge LK, Ruiz CF, Scharer RM, Poulakis GR
Parasite component community of smalltooth sawfish off Florida: diversity, conservation concerns, and research applications
ESR 35:47-58 | Full text in pdf format
Theme Section: Biology and ecology of sawfishes

Azar JF, Chalah T, Rautureau P, Lawrence M, Hingrat Y
Breeding success and juvenile survival in a reintroduced captive-bred population of Asian houbara bustards in the United Arab Emirates
ESR 35:59-70 | Full text in pdf format

Broadhurst MK, Laglbauer BJL, Burgess KB, Coleman MA
Reproductive biology and range extension for Mobula kuhlii cf. eregoodootenkee
ESR 35:71-80 | Full text in pdf format

Rees AF, Avens L, Ballorain K, Bevan E, Broderick AC, Carthy RR, Christianen MJA, Duclos G, Heithaus MR, Johnston DW, Mangel JC, Paladino F, Pendoley K, Reina RD, Robinson NJ, Ryan R, Sykora-Bodie ST, Tilley D, Varela MR, Whitman ER, Whittock PA, Wibbels T, Godley BJ
REVIEW: The potential of unmanned aerial systems for sea turtle research and conservation: a review and future directions
ESR 35:81-100 | Full text in pdf format