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Correction to ESR 38:29-43 (2019) - DOI:

Correction to ESR 38:29-43 (2019) - DOI:

Coastal habitat change and marine megafauna behavior: Florida manatees encountering reduced food provisions in a prominent winter refuge


Chanda J. Littles*, Robert K. Bonde, Susan M. Butler, Charles A. Jacoby, Sky K. Notestein, James P. Reid, Daniel H. Slone, Thomas K. Frazer


*Corresponding author:


February 22, 2019: Substantial changes were made throughout the article after publication: to the text, Tables 1 & 2, and Fig. 4 (see .pdf ‘Original text with edits’).

All corrections have been implemented in the online pdf version of the article.

Corrected version

Original text with edits


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