MEPS - Vol. 186 - Table of contents

Mar Ecol Prog Ser (Print ISSN:0171-8630; Online ISSN:1616-1599)
Copyright © 1999 Inter-Research
Published September 17

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Peck LS, Brockington S, Vanhove S, Beghyn M
Community recovery following catastrophic iceberg impacts in a soft-sediment shallow-water site at Signy Island, Antarctica
MEPS 186:1-8 | Full text in pdf format

Glud RN, Gundersen JK, Holby O
Benthic in situ respiration in the upwelling area off central Chile
MEPS 186:9-18 | Full text in pdf format

Dell'Anno A, Marrale D, Pusceddu A, Fabiano M, Danovaro R
Particulate nucleic acid dynamics in a highly oligotrophic system:the Cretan Sea (Eastern Mediterranean)
MEPS 186:19-30 | Full text in pdf format

Koshikawa H, Harada S, Watanabe M, Kogure K, Ioriya T, Kohata K, Kimura T, Sato K, Akehata T
Influence of plankton community structure on the contribution of bacterial production to metazooplankton in a coastal mesocosm
MEPS 186:31-42 | Full text in pdf format

Kononen K, Huttunen M, Kanoshina I, Laanemets J, Moisander P, Pavelson J
Spatial and temporal variability of a dinoflagellate-cyanobacterium community under a complex hydrodynamical influence:a case study at the entrance to the Gulf of Finland
MEPS 186:43-57 | Full text in pdf format

Lennert-Cody CE, Franks PJS
Plankton patchiness in high-frequency internal waves
MEPS 186:59-66 | Full text in pdf format

Varela DE, Harrison PJ
Effect of ammonium on nitrate utilization by Emiliania huxleyi, a coccolithophore from the oceanic northeastern Pacific
MEPS 186:67-74 | Full text in pdf format

Chiang KP, Chen YT, Gong GC
Spring distribution of diatom assemblages in the East China Sea
MEPS 186:75-86 | Full text in pdf format

Glud RN, Fenchel T
The importance of ciliates for interstitial solute transport in benthic communities
MEPS 186:87-93 | Full text in pdf format

Holmboe N, Jensen HS, Andersen FØ
Nutrient addition bioassays as indicators of nutrient limitation of phytoplankton in an eutrophic estuary
MEPS 186:95-104 | Full text in pdf format

Aluwihare LI, Repeta DJ
A comparison of the chemical characteristics of oceanic DOM and extracellular DOM produced by marine algae
MEPS 186:105-117 | Full text in pdf format

Bell PRF, Elmetri I, Uwins P
Nitrogen fixation by Trichodesmium spp. in the Central and Northern Great Barrier Reef Lagoon:relative importance of the fixed-nitrogen load
MEPS 186:119-126 | Full text in pdf format

Davis JL, Childers DL, Kuhn DN
Clonal variation in a Florida Bay Thalassia testudinum meadow:molecular genetic assessment of population structure
MEPS 186:127-136 | Full text in pdf format

Vetter EW, Dayton PK
Organic enrichment by macrophyte detritus, and abundance patterns of megafaunal populations in submarine canyons
MEPS 186:137-148 | Full text in pdf format

Acuña JL, Deibel D,