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Mar Ecol Prog Ser (Print ISSN: 0171-8630; Online ISSN: 1616-1599)
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Goldstein ST, Alve E
Experimental assembly of foraminiferal ­communities from coastal propagule banks
MEPS 437:1-11 | More Information...| Full text in pdf format


Bode A, Varela M, Prego R
Continental and marine sources of organic matter and nitrogen for rías of northern Galicia (Spain)
MEPS 437:13-26 | Full text in pdf format

Petrou K, Ralph PJ
Photosynthesis and net primary productivity in three Antarctic diatoms: possible significance for their distribution in the Antarctic marine ecosystem
MEPS 437:27-40 | Full text in pdf format

Carvalho MC, Eyre BD
Carbon stable isotope discrimination during ­respiration in three seaweed species 
MEPS 437:41-49 | Full text in pdf format

Schmidt AL, Coll M, Romanuk T, Lotze HK
Ecosystem structure and services in eelgrass Zostera marina and rockweed Ascophyllum nodosum habitats
MEPS 437:51-68 | Full text in pdf format

Kelly JR, Scheibling RE, Balch T
Invasion-mediated shifts in the macrobenthic assemblage of a rocky subtidal ecosystem
MEPS 437:69-78 | Full text in pdf format

Ouisse V, Migné A, Davoult D
Community-level carbon flux variability over a tidal cycle in Zostera marina and Z. noltii beds
MEPS 437:79-87 | Full text in pdf format

McClanahan TR, Huntington BE, Cokos B
Coral responses to macroalgal reduction and ­fisheries closure on Caribbean patch reefs
MEPS 437:89-102 | Full text in pdf format

Metaxas A
Spatial patterns of larval abundance at ­hydrothermal vents on seamounts: evidence for recruitment limitation
MEPS 437:103-117 | Full text in pdf format

Clemente S, Hernández JC, Brito A
Context-dependent effects of marine protected areas on predatory interactions
MEPS 437:119-133 | Full text in pdf format

Matias MG, Underwood AJ, Hochuli DF, Coleman RA
Habitat identity influences species−area ­relationships in heterogeneous habitats
MEPS 437:135-145 | Full text in pdf format

Riisgård HU, Hoffmann Jørgensen B, Lundgreen K, Storti F, Walther JH, Meyer KE, Larsen PS
The exhalant jet of mussels Mytilus edulis
MEPS 437:147-164 | Full text in pdf format

Long JD, Cochrane E, Dolecal RE
Previous disturbance enhances the negative effects of trampling on barnacles
MEPS 437:165-173 | Full text in pdf format

Treude T, Kiel S, Linke P, Peckmann J, Goedert JL
Elasmobranch egg capsules associated with ­modern and ancient cold seeps: a nursery for marine deep-water predators
MEPS 437:175-181 | Full text in pdf format

Topping DT, Szedlmayer ST
Site fidelity, residence time and movements of red snapper Lutjanus campechanus estimated with long-term acoustic monitoring
MEPS 437:183-200 | Full text in pdf format

Harborne AR, Mumby PJ, Kennedy EV, Ferrari R
Biotic and multi-scale abiotic controls of habitat quality: their effect on coral-reef fishes
MEPS 437:201-214 | Full text in pdf format

Nikolioudakis N, Palomera I, Machias A, Somarakis S
Diel feeding intensity and daily ration of the sardine Sardina pilchardus
MEPS 437:215-228 | Full text in pdf format

Manabe R, Aoyama J, Watanabe K, Kawai M, Miller MJ, Tsukamoto K
First observations of the oceanic migration of Japanese eel, from pop-up archival transmitting tags
MEPS 437:229-240 | Full text in pdf format

Huijbers CM, Nagelkerken I, Govers LL, van de Kerk M, Oldenburger JJ, de Brouwer JHF
Habitat type and schooling interactively determine refuge-seeking behavior in a coral reef fish throughout ontogeny
MEPS 437:241-251 | Full text in pdf format

Annis ER, Houde ED, Harding LW Jr, Mallonee ME, Wilberg MJ
Calibration of a bioenergetics model linking primary production to Atlantic menhaden ­Brevoortia tyrannus growth in Chesapeake Bay
MEPS 437:253-267</