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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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Correction to MEPS 576:145-161 (2017) - DOI:

Abundant betaines in giant clams (Tridacnidae) and western pacific reef corals, including study of coral betaine acclimatization


Richard W. Hill*, Eric J. Armstrong, Aaron M. Florn, Chao Li, Ryan W. Walquist, Asher Edward


*Corresponding author: hillr(at)


August 8, 2017:

Data formatting errors in Tables 2 & 3 that occurred due to a technical fault late in the production process have been corrected.


Table 2

Most of the data for T. squamosa were presented using the European decimal comma and in some cases the wrong level of precision.


Table 3

Data values (x 3) scattered throughout the table had become converted to a date format.



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