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  • ECI and IRPE Prizes 2018 in freshwater ecology: The deadline for nominations for the ECI and IRPE Prizes 2018 in freshwater ecology has been extended to 10 May 2018. See http://www.int-res.com/ecology-institute/call-for-nominations/. (Date posted: 4.1.2018; updated: 19.4.2018)
  • NEW! Excellence in Ecology Book 29: "Translational Ecology: Collected Writings on Contemporary Environmental Issues" by William H. Schlesinger. Recipient of the 2014 ECI Prize in terrestrial ecology. Aimed at non-specialists, this valuable new addition to the EE Book series explores the origins of contemporary environmental problems and suggests solutions. This book is a good read for both non-scientists and scientists alike. Order your copy here.
    (Date posted: 20.9.2017)

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