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  • NEW! Excellence in Ecology Book 29: "Translational Ecology: Collected Writings on Contemporary Environmental Issues" by William H. Schlesinger. Recipient of the 2014 ECI Prize in terrestrial ecology. Aimed at non-specialists, this valuable new addition to the EE Book series explores the origins of contemporary environmental problems and suggests solutions. This book is a good read for both non-scientists and scientists alike. Order your copy here.
    (Date posted: 20.9.2017)
  • ECI Prize 2017 in Terrestrial Ecology: The Ecology Institute Jury chaired by Prof. William Sutherland has elected Prof. Kevin J. Gaston (University of Exeter, Cornwall, UK) as winner of the Excellence in Ecology Prize, and Prof. Etienne Lalibert√© (University of Montreal, Montreal, Canada) as winner of the IRPE (International Recognition of Professional Excellence) Prize. Congratulations!
  • Best Student Presentation Awards 2017 named in honour of Prof. Otto Kinne: The Best Student Presentation Awards of the Division of Comparative Physiology & Biochemistry (DCPB) of the Society for Integrative & Comparative Biology for 2017 were named in honour of IR's founder, Prof. Otto Kinne. Each year the Division names its Best Student Presentation Awards in the honour and memory of an eminent comparative physiologist or biochemist.  IR congratulates Julia Gauberg (Otto Kinne Award for the Best Student Oral Presentation: "Effect of ion-poor water on region-specific paracellular permeability properties of rainbow trout skin") and Jonathan Perelmuter (Otto Kinne Award for the Best Student Poster Presentation: "Dopaminergic modulation of hearing in the plainfin midshipman fish). Eric Armstrong (Oral Presentation: "Symbiont photosynthesis in giant clams is strongly promoted by H+-transport") and Reynolds Kirby (Poster: "Changes in cardiac mitochondrial bioenergetics after 24h of crude oil exposure in sub-adult mahi-mahi (Coryphaena hippurus")) received honourable mentions. (Date posted: 21.04.2017)

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