Forthcoming Articles

Forthcoming articles are listed online shortly after acceptance. Prepress abstracts are also made available. These have not yet been fully checked and copyedited and are therefore subject to change before actual publication. The article is however citable as "in press", using the DOI.

C 1442

Bruyère C, Raktham C, Done J, Kreasuwun J, Thongbai J, Promnopas W

Major weather regime changes over Southeast Asia in a near-term future scenario

Prepress abstract


C 1443

Chelli S, Wellstein C, Campetella G, Canullo R, Tonin R, Zerbe S, Gerdol R

Climate change response of vegetation across climatic zones in Italy

Prepress abstract


C 1444

Benjamin AE, Leathers DJ

Synoptic climatology of tornadoes in the northeast USA

Prepress abstract


C 1445

Ratna SB, Ratnam JV, Behera SK, Tangang FT, Yamagata T

Validation of the WRF regional climate model over the subregions of Southeast Asia: climatology and interannual variability

Prepress abstract


C 1446

Shim C, Seo J, Han J, Ha J, Ro TH, Hwang YS, Oh JJ

Projection of future hot weather events and potential population exposure to this in South Korea

Prepress abstract


C 1448

Nijnik A, Nijnik M, Kopiy S, Zahvoyska L, Sarkki S, Kopiy L, Miller D

Identifying and understanding attitudinal diversity on multi-functional changes in woodlands of the Ukraine’s Carpathians

CR SPECIAL: Resilience in SENSitive mountain FORest ecosystems under environmental change

Prepress abstract


C 1449

Esper J, Büntgen U, Denzer S, Krusic PJ, Luterbacher J, Schäfer R, Schreg R, Werner J

Environmental drivers of historical grain price variations in Europe

Prepress abstract


C 1450

Zhong S, Yu L, Winkler JA, Tang Y, Heilman WE, Bian X

The impact of climate change on the characteristics of the frost-free season over the contiguous United States as projected by the NARCCAP model ensembles

Prepress abstract


C 1451

Yang P, Xia J, Zhang Y, Wang L

Drought assessment in Northwest China during 1960–2013 using the Standardized Precipitation Index

Prepress abstract


C 1452

Dinca L, Nita M, Hofgaard A, Alados CL, Broll G, Borz SA, Wertz B, Monteiro AT

Forests dynamics in the montane-alpine boundary: a comparative study in protected European mountains using satellite imagery and climate data

CR SPECIAL: Resilience in SENSitive mountain FORest ecosystems under environmental change

Prepress abstract


C 1453

Carbonell A, Llompart PJ, Gaza M, Mir A, Aparicio-González A, Álvarez-Barastegui D, Balbin R, Cartes JE

Long-term climatic influences on the physiological condition of the red shrimp Aristeus antennatus in the Western Mediterranean Sea

Prepress abstract


C 1454

Kyriazopoulos AP, Skre O, Sarkki S, Wielgolaski FE, Abraham EM, Ficko A

Human-environment dynamics in European treeline ecosystems: a synthesis based on the DPSIR framework

CR SPECIAL: Resilience in SENSitive mountain FORest ecosystems under environmental change

Prepress abstract


C 1455

Zhang Y, You Q, Ye L, Chen C

Spatio-temporal characteristics and possible mechanisms of rainy season precipitation in Poyang Lake Basin, China

Prepress abstract


C 1456

Li Y, Yan X

Statistical downscaling of monthly mean temperature for Kazakhstan in Central Asia

Prepress abstract


C 1458

Wang B, Liu DL, Asseng S, Macadam I, Yang X, Yu Q

Spatiotemporal changes of wheat phenology, yield and water use efficiency under the CMIP5 multimodel ensemble projections in eastern Australia

Prepress abstract


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