Resilience in SENSitive mountain FORest ecosystems


Resilience in SENSitive mountain FORest ecosystems under environmental change

Editors: Nils C. Stenseth, Frans E. Wielgolaski


SENSFOR editorial advisory board: O. Skre, A.P. Kyriazopoulos, M. Zhiyanski, G. Broll, A. Hofgaard, A. Ficko, S. Sarkki


This CR Special focuses on the impacts of climate and land use changes in treelines of several European mountain areas. Treelines, transition zones between the low elevation subalpine forests and the higher elevation low-alpine treeless ecosystems, are important and sensitive indicators of environmental changes. The SENSitive mountain FORest (SENSFOR) COST Action project focuses on the analysis and comparison of biological and socioecological data from European mountain areas, and also presents case studies from various European regions. The main aims of the SENSFOR treeline project are:


• To improve the potential for sustainable governance of sensitive treeline ecosystems and related ecosystem services

• To build capacity for local and regional stakeholders to cope with future climate and land use changes


The project is supported by the COST Action of the EU in which 22 EU countries and one ‘neighbor country’ cooperate.


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Holtmeier FK, Broll G

Feedback effects of clonal groups and tree clusters on site conditions at the treeline: implications for treeline dynamics

CR MFE av: 1 | Full text in pdf format


Sarkki S, Ficko A, Wielgolaski FE, Abraham EM, Bratanova-Doncheva S, Grunewald K, Hofgaard A, Holtmeier FK, Kyriazopoulos AP, Broll G, Nijnik M, Sutinen ML

Assessing the resilient provision of ecosystem services by social-ecological systems: introduction and theory

CR MFE av: 2 | Full text in pdf format


Sarkki S, Jokinen M, Nijnik M, Zahvoyska L, Abraham EM, Alados CL, Bellamy C, Bratanova-Dontcheva S, Grunewald K, Kollar J, Krajčí J, Kyriazopoulos AP, La Porta N, Monteiro AT, Munoz-Rojas J, Parpan T, Sing L, Smith M, Sutinen ML, Tolvanen A, Zhyla T

Social equity in governance of ecosystem services: synthesis from European treeline areas

CR MFE av: 3 | Full text in pdf format


Nijnik A, Nijnik M, Kopiy S, Zahvoyska L, Sarkki S, Kopiy L, Miller D

Identifying and understanding attitudinal diversity on multi-functional changes in woodlands of the Ukrainian Carpathians 

CR MFE av: 4 | Full text in pdf format


Dinca L, Nita MD, Hofgaard A, Alados CL, Broll G, Borz SA, Wertz B, Monteiro AT

Forests dynamics in the montane-alpine boundary: a comparative study using satellite imagery and climate data

CR MFE av: 5 | Full text in pdf format


Kyriazopoulos AP, Skre O, Sarkki S, Wielgolaski FE, Abraham EM, Ficko A

Human-environment dynamics in European treeline ecosystems: a synthesis based on the DPSIR framework

CR MFE av: 6 | Full text in pdf format


Karlsen SR, Tømmervik H, Johansen B, Riseth JÅ

Future forest distribution on Finnmarksvidda, North Norway

CR MFE av: 7 | Full text in pdf format


Skre O, Wertz B, Wielgolaski FE, Szydlowska P, Karlsen SR

Bioclimatic effects on different mountain birch populations in Fennoscandia

CR MFE av: 8 | Full text in pdf format


Fleischer P, Pichler V, Fleischer P Jr, Holko L, Máliš F, Gömöryová E, Cudlín P, Holeksa J, Michalová Z, Homolová Z, Škvarenina J, Střelcová K, Hlavá P

Forest ecosystem services affected by natural disturbances, climate and land-use changes in the Tatra Mountains

CR MFE av: 9 | Full text in pdf format