Forthcoming articles

Forthcoming articles are listed online shortly after acceptance. Prepress abstracts are also made available. These have not yet been fully checked and copyedited and are therefore subject to change before actual publication. The article is however citable as "in press", using the DOI.

D 3055

Smith LN, Waltzek TB, Rotstein DS, Francis-Floyd R, Walsh MT, Wellehan JFX, Gerhold R, Chapman AE, de Wit M

Disseminated toxoplasmosis Toxoplasma gondii in a wild Florida manatee Trichechus manatus latirostris and seroprevalence in wild Florida manatees

Prepress abstract


D 3057

Morrison RN, Young ND, Knowles G, Cornish MC, Carson J

Isolation of Tasmanian Rickettsia-like organism from farmed salmonids: identification of multiple serotypes and confirmation of pathogenicity

Prepress abstract


D 3058

Rubin E, Werneburg GT, Espinosa EP, Thanassi DG, Allam B

Identification and characterization of peptidases secreted by quahog parasite unknown (QPX), the protistan parasite of hard clams

Prepress abstract


D 3059

Freitas JT, Subramaniam K, Kelley KL, Marcquenski S, Groff J, Waltzek TB

Genetic characterization of esocid herpesvirus 1 (EsHV1)

Prepress abstract


D 3060

Morales-Covarrubias MS, García-Aguilar N, Bolan-Mejía MdC, Puello-Cruz AC

Evaluation of medicinal plants and colloidal silver efficiency against Vibrio parahaemolyticus infection in Litopenaeus vannamei cultured at low salinity

Prepress abstract


D 3062

Bueno R, Perrott M, Dunowska M, Brosnahan C, Johnston C

In situ hybridization and histopathological observations during ostreid herpesvirus-1 associated mortalities in Pacific oysters Crassostrea gigas

Prepress abstract


D 3063

Kang HS, Yang HS, Reece KS, Hong HK, Park KI, Choi KS

First report of Perkinsus honshuensis in the variegated carpet shell clam Ruditapes variegatus in Korea

Prepress abstract


D 3064

Kawanishi R, Sogabe A, Nishimoto R, Hata H

Spatial variation in the parasitic isopod load of the Japanese halfbeak in western Japan

Prepress abstract


D 3065

Quaglio F, Zappulli V, Poppi L, Capovilla P, Capparucci F, Marino F

Squamous cell carcinoma in a wild european bullhead Cottus gobio

Prepress abstract


D 3066

Viadanna PHO, Miller-Morgan T, Peterson T, Way K, Stone DM, Marty GD, Pilarski F, Hedrick RP, Waltzek TB

Development of a PCR assay to detect Cyprinid herpesvirus 1 in koi and common carp

Prepress abstract


D 3067

Tao Z, Liu L, Chen X, Zhou S, Wang G

First isolation of Miamiensis avidus (Ciliophora: Scuticociliatida) associated with skin ulcers from reared pharaoh cuttlefish Sepia pharaonis

Prepress abstract


D 3068

Go J, Waltzek TB, Subramaniam K, Yun SC, Groff JM, Anderson IG, Chong R, Shirley I, Schuh JCL, Handlinger JH, Tweedie A, Whittington RJ

Detection of infectious spleen and kidney necrosis virus (ISKNV) and turbot reddish body iridovirus (TRBIV) from archival ornamental fish samples

Prepress abstract


D 3069

Song Z, Yue R, Sun Y, Liu C, Khan SH, Li C, Zhao Y, Zhou X, Yang L, Zhao D

Fatal bacterial septicemia in a bottlenose dolphin Tursiops truncatus caused by Streptococcus iniae

Prepress abstract


D 3070

Carballal MJ, Iglesias D, Darriba S, Cao A, Mariño JC, Ramilo A, No E, Villalba A

Parasites, pathological conditions and resistance to Marteilia cochillia in lagoon cockle Cerastoderma glaucum from Galicia (NW Spain)

Prepress abstract


D 3071

Charruau P, Pérez-Flores JS, Labarre D

Skin parasitism by Paratrichosoma recurvum in American crocodiles and its relation with environmental and biological factors

Prepress abstract


D 3072

Markowitz KN, Williams JD, Krause MK

Development of quantitative PCR assay for detection of trematode parasite Proctoeces maculatus in blue mussel Mytilus edulis

Prepress abstract


D 3073

Ziehl-Quirós EC, García-Aguilar MC, Mellink E

Colony-level assessment of Brucella and Leptospira in the Guadalupe fur seal, Isla Guadalupe, Mexico

Prepress abstract


D 3074

Pratte ZA, Richardson LL

Possible links between white plague-like disease, scleractinian corals, and a Cryptochiridae gall crab

Prepress abstract


D 3075

O’Leary PA, Pung OJ

Behavioral analysis of Microphallus turgidus cercariae in relation to microhabitat of two host grass shrimp species (Palaemonetes spp.)

Prepress abstract


D 3076

Long A, Richard J, Hawley L, LaPatra SE, Garver KA

Transmission potential of infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus in APEX-IHN® vaccinated Atlantic salmon

Prepress abstract


D 3077

Floyd-Rump TP, Horstmann-Dehn LA, Atkinson S, Skaugstad C

Effect of Ichthyophonus on blood plasma chemistry of spawning Chinook salmon and their resulting offspring in a Yukon River tributary

Prepress abstract


D 3078

Evans O, Paul-Pont I, Whittington RJ

Detection of Ostreid herpesvirus 1 microvariant DNA in aquatic invertebrate species, sediment and other samples collected from the Georges River estuary, New South Wales, Australia

Prepress abstract


D 3079

Carril GP, Gómez FA, Marshall SH

Expression of flagellin and key regulatory flagellar genes in the non-motile bacterium Piscirickettsia salmonis

Prepress abstract


D 3080

Fenton H, Daoust PY, Forzán MJ, Vanderstichel RV, Ford JKB, Spaven L, Lair S, Raverty S

Causes of mortality of harbor porpoises Phocoena phocoena along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of Canada

Prepress abstract


D 3081

Penadés-Suay J, Tomás J, Merchán M, Aznar FJ

Intestinal helminth fauna of the shortfin mako Isurus oxyrinchus (Elasmobranchii: Lamnidae) in the North East Atlantic Ocean

Prepress abstract


D 3082

Shen Z, Batac F, Mannion A, Miller MA, Bakthavatchalu V, Ho C, Manning S, Paster BJ, Fox JG

Novel urease negative Helicobacter sp. ‘H. enhydrae sp. nov.’ isolated from inflamed gastric tissue of southern sea otters

Prepress abstract


D 3083

Meyburgh CM, Bragg RR, Boucher CE

Lactococcus garvieae: an emerging bacterial pathogen of fish

Prepress abstract


D 3084

Liu G, Zhu J, Chen K, Yao H, Liu Y, Zhang W, Lu C

Development of Streptococcus agalactiae vaccines for tilapia

Prepress abstract


D 3085

Montalvo Villalba MC, Cruz Martínez D, Ahmad I, Rodriguez Lay LA, Bello Corredor M, Guevara March C, Sánchez Martínez L, Sánchez Campo L, Jameel S

Hepatitis E virus in bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus)

Prepress abstract


D 3086

Merlo MJ, Parietti M, Etchegoin JA

Stunting of the penis in Heleobia parchappii (Mollusca: Cochliopidae) and its relationship with parasitism

Prepress abstract


D 3087

Lampe EO, Tandberg JI, Rishovd AL, Winther-Larsen HC

Francisella noatunensis ssp. noatunensis iglC deletion mutant protects adult zebrafish challenged with acute mortality dose of wild-type strain

Prepress abstract


D 3088

Beurmann S, Runyon CM, Videau P, Callahan SM, Aeby GS

Assessment of disease lesion removal as a method to control chronic Montipora white syndrome

Prepress abstract


D 3089

Fonner CW, Patel SA, Boord SM, Venesky MD, Woodley SK

Effects of corticosterone on infection and disease in salamanders exposed to the amphibian fungal pathogen, Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis

Prepress abstract


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