Forthcoming articles

Forthcoming articles are listed online shortly after acceptance. Prepress abstracts are also made available. These have not yet been fully checked and copyedited and are therefore subject to change before actual publication. The article is however citable as "in press", using the DOI.


D 3198

Steigen A, Nylund A, Plarre H, Watanabe K, Karlsbakk E, Brevik Ø

Presence of selected pathogens on the gills of five wrasse species in western Norway

Prepress abstract


D 3206

Ramos EA, Castelblanco-Martínez DN, Garcia J, Arias JR, Foley JR, Audley K, Van Waerebeek K, Van Bressem MF

Lobomycosis-like disease in common bottlenose dolphins Tursiops truncatus from Belize and Mexico: bridging the gap between the Americas

Prepress abstract


D 3207

Groch KR, Díaz-Delgado J, Sacristán C, Oliveira DE, Souza G, Sánchez-Sarmiento AM, Costa-Silva S, Marigo J, Castilho PV, Cremer MJ, Rodrigues Hoffmann A, Esperón F, Catão-Dias JL

Pulmonary and systemic fungal infections in an Atlantic spotted dolphin and a Bryde's whale, Brazil

Prepress abstract


D 3209

Menezes FGR, Barbosa WE, Vasconcelos LS, Rocha RS, Maggioni R, Sousa OV, Hofer E, Vieira RHSF

Genotypic assessment of effectiveness of a dichotomous key to identify Vibrio coralliilyticus, a coral pathogen

Prepress abstract


D 3210

Naldoni J, Maia AAM, Correa LL, da Silva MRM, Adriano EA

Two new myxosporean species parasitising Phractocephalus hemioliopterus from the Brazilian Amazon: morphology, ultrastructure and SSU-rDNA sequencing

Prepress abstract


D 3211

Foster G, Nymo IH, Kovacs KM, Beckmen KB, Brownlow AC, Baily JL, Dagleish MP, Muchowski J, Perrett LL, Tryland M, Lydersen C, Godfroid J, McGovern B, Whatmore AM

First isolation of Brucella pinnipedialis and detection of Brucella antibodies from bearded seals Erignathus barbatus

Prepress abstract


D 3212

Hoai TD, Nishiki I, Yoshida T, Nakai T

Host range and influence of a cell capsule on the phage efficacy of three Lactococcus garvieae lytic phages

Prepress abstract


D 3213

Shore-Maggio A, Aeby GS, Callahan SM

Influence of salinity and sedimentation on Vibrio infection of the Hawaiian coral Montipora capitata

Prepress abstract


D 3214

Stilwell NK, Whittington RJ, Hick PM, Becker JA, Ariel E, van Beurden S, Vendramin N, Olesen NJ, Waltzek TB

Partial validation of a TaqMan real-time quantitative PCR for the detection of ranaviruses

Prepress abstract


D 3215

Ito T, Kurita J, Mori Ki, Skall HF, Lorenzen N, Vendramin N, Andersen NG, Einer-Jensen K, Olesen NJ

Virulence marker candidates in N-protein of viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus (VHSV): virulence variability within VHSV Ib clones

Prepress abstract


D 3216

Bojko J, Stebbing PD, Dunn AM, Bateman KS, Clark F, Kerr RC, Stewart-Clark S, Johannesen Á, Stentiford GD

Green crab Carcinus maenas symbiont profiles along a North Atlantic invasion route

Prepress abstract


D 3217

Talbott K, Wolf TM, Sebastian P, Abraham M, Bueno I, McLaughlin M, Harris T, Thompson R, Pessier AP, Travis D

Factors influencing detection and co-detection of Ranavirus and Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in Midwestern North American anuran populations

Prepress abstract


D 3218

Harris BP, Webster SR, Wolf N, Gregg JL, Hershberger PK

Ichthyophonus in sport-caught groundfishes from southcentral Alaska

Prepress abstract


D 3219

Lillehaug A, Børnes C, Grave K

A pharmaco-epidemiological study of antibacterial treatments and bacterial diseases in Norwegian aquaculture for the 6 yr period 2011 to 2016

Prepress abstract


D 3220

de la Ballina NR, Villalba A, Cao A

Proteomic profile of Ostrea edulis haemolymph in response to bonamiosis and identification of candidate proteins as resistance markers

Prepress abstract



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