Forthcoming publications

Forthcoming articles are listed online shortly after acceptance. Prepress abstracts are also made available. These have not yet been fully checked and copyedited and are therefore subject to change before actual publication. The article is however citable as "in press", using the DOI.

Forthcoming articles

N 713

Gailey G, Sychenko O, McDonald T, Racca R, Rutenko A, Bröker K

Behavioural responses of western gray whales to a 4-D seismic survey off northeastern Sakhalin Island, Russia

THEME SECTION: Seismic survey and western gray whales

Prepress abstract


N 716

Wedding LM, Maxwell S, Hyrenbach D, Dunn DC, Roberts J, Briscoe D, Hines E, Halpin PN

Geospatial approaches to support pelagic conservation planning and adaptive management

THEME SECTION: Geospatial approaches to support pelagic conservation planning and adaptive management

Prepress abstract


N 718

Horrocks JA, Stapleton S, Guada H, Lloyd C, Harris E, Fastigi M, Berkel J, Stewart K, Gumbs J, Eckert KL

International movements of adult female leatherbacks in the Caribbean: results from tag recovery data (2002-2013)

Prepress abstract


N 719

Hsu TH, Chen CY, Gwo JC

Causes of the skewed sex ratio in the critically endangered Formosa landlocked salmon of Taiwan

Prepress abstract


N 720

Andrews PT, Crump RG, Harries DJ, Andrews MM

Influence of weather on a population of soprano pipistrelle bats in West Wales, UK: a 20-year study estimates population viability

Prepress abstract


N 721

Cooke SJ, Nguyen VM, Wilson ADM, Donaldson MR, Gallagher A, Hammerschlag N, Haddaway NR

The need for speed in a crisis discipline: perspectives on peer review duration and implications for conservation science

Prepress abstract


N 722

Hatch LT, Wahle CM, Gedamke J, Harrison J, Laws B, Moore SE, Stadler JH, Van Parijs SM

Can you hear me here? Managing acoustic habitat in US waters

THEME SECTION: 21st Century Paradigms for Measuring and Managing the Effects of Anthropogenic Ocean Noise

Prepress abstract


N 723

Koivuniemi M, Auttila M, Niemi M, Levänen R, Kunnasranta M

Photo-ID as a tool for studying and monitoring the critically endangered Saimaa ringed seal

Prepress abstract


N 724

Matsuzawa Y, Kamezaki N, Ishihara T, Omuta K, Takeshita H, Goto K, Arata T, Honda H, Kameda K, Kashima Y, Kayo M, Kawazu I, Kodama J, Kumazawa Y, Kuroyanagi K, Mizobuchi K, Mizuno K, Oki K, Watanabe KK, Yamamoto A, Yamashita Y, Yamato T, Hamabata T, Ishizaki A, Dutton PH

Fine scale genetic population structure of loggerhead turtles in the Northwest Pacific

Prepress abstract


N 725

Zeh DR, Heupel MR, Hamann M, Limpus CJ, Marsh H

Quick Fix GPS technology highlights risk to dugongs moving between protected areas

Prepress abstract


Last updated: February 3, 2016