Forthcoming publications

Forthcoming articles are listed online shortly after acceptance. Prepress abstracts are also made available. These have not yet been fully checked and copyedited and are therefore subject to change before actual publication. The article is however citable as "in press", using the DOI.

Forthcoming articles

N 857

Frankel AS, Gabriele CM

Predicting the acoustic exposure of humpback whales from cruise and tour vessel noise in Glacier Bay, Alaska, under different management strategies

Prepress abstract


N 859

Mannise N, Cosse M, González S, Emmons LH, Duarte JMB, Beccaceci MD, Maldonado JE

Maned wolves retain moderate levels of genetic diversity and gene flow despite drastic habitat fragmentation

Prepress abstract


N 863

Bakenhaster MD, Bullard SA, Curran SS, Kritsky DC, Leone EH, Partridge LK, Ruiz CF, Scharer RM, Poulakis GR

Parasite component community of smalltooth sawfish off Florida: diversity, conservation concerns, and research applications

THEME SECTION: Biology and ecology of sawfishes

Prepress abstract


N 864

Orben RA, O’Connor AJ, Suryan RM, Ozaki K, Sato F, Deguchi T

Ontogenetic changes in at-sea distributions of immature short-tailed albatrosses Phoebastria albatrus

Prepress abstract


N 865

Duncan EM, Botterell ZLR, Broderick AC, Galloway TS, Lindeque PK, Nuno A, Godley BJ

A global review of marine turtle entanglement in anthropogenic debris: a baseline for further action

Prepress abstract


N 866

Rolland RM, McLellan WA, Moore MJ, Harms CA, Burgess EA, Hunt KE

Fecal glucocorticoids and anthropogenic injury and mortality in North Atlantic right whales Eubalaena glacialis

Prepress abstract


N 867

Stanistreet JE, Nowacek DP, Bell JT, Cholewiak DM, Hildebrand JA, Hodge LEW, Van Parijs SM, Read AJ

Spatial and seasonal patterns in acoustic detections of sperm whales Physeter macrocephalus along the continental slope in the western North Atlantic Ocean

Prepress abstract


N 868

Feldheim KA, Fields AT, Chapman DD, Scharer RM, Poulakis GR

Insights into reproduction and behavior of the smalltooth sawfish Pristis pectinata

THEME SECTION: Biology and ecology of sawfishes

Prepress abstract


N 869

Crawford R, Ellenberg U, Frere E, Hagen C, Baird K, Brewin P, Crofts S, Glass J, Mattern T, Pompert J, Ross K, Kemper J, Ludynia K, Sherley RB, Steinfurth A, Suazo CG, Yorio P, Tamini L, Mangel JC, Bugoni L, Jiménez Uzcátegui G, Simeone A, Luna-Jorquera G, Gandini P, Woehler EJ, Pütz K, Dann P, Chiaradia A, Small C

Tangled and drowned: A global review of penguin bycatch in fisheries

Prepress abstract


N 870

Shertzer KW, Bacheler NM, Kellison GT, Fieberg J, Wiggers RK

Release mortality of endangered Warsaw grouper Hyporthodus nigritus: a state-space model applied to capture-recapture data from a shallow site off the Atlantic coast of Florida

Prepress abstract


N 871

Scharer RM, Stevens PW, Shea CP, Poulakis GR

All nurseries are not created equal: large-scale habitat use patterns in two smalltooth sawfish nurseries

THEME SECTION: Biology and ecology of sawfishes

Prepress abstract


N 872

Wade J, Dealy L, MacConnachie S

First record of nest building, spawning and sexual dimorphism in the threatened Cowichan Lake lamprey Entosphenus macrostomus

Prepress abstract


N 873

Elhassan IS

Occurrence of the green sawfish Pristis zijsron in the Sudanese Red Sea with observations on reproduction

THEME SECTION: Biology and ecology of sawfishes

Prepress abstract


N 874

Azar JF, Chalah T, Rautureau P, Lawrence M, Hingrat Y

Breeding success and juvenile survival in a reintroduced captive-bred population of Asian houbara bustards in the United Arab Emirates

Prepress abstract


N 875

Cholewiak D, Clark CW, Ponirakis D, Frankel A, Hatch LT, Risch D, Stanistreet J, Thompson M, Vu E, Van Parijs SM

Communicating amidst the noise: modeling the aggregate effect of ambient noise and multiple vessel types on the communication space of baleen whales in the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary

Prepress abstract


N 876

Broadhurst MK, Laglbauer B, Burgess KB, Coleman MA

Reproductive biology and range extension for Mobula kuhlii cf. eregoodootenkee

Prepress abstract


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