Forthcoming publications

Forthcoming articles are listed online shortly after acceptance. Prepress abstracts are also made available. These have not yet been fully checked and copyedited and are therefore subject to change before actual publication. The article is however citable as "in press", using the DOI.

Forthcoming articles

N 847

Morgan DL, Ebner BC, Allen MG, Gleiss AC, Beatty SJ, Whitty JM

Habitat use and site fidelity of neonate and juvenile green sawfish Pristis zijsron in a nursery area in Western Australia

THEME SECTION: Biology and ecology of sawfishes

Prepress abstract


N 848

Crance JL, Berchok CL, Keating JL

Gunshot call production by the North Pacific right whale Eubalaena japonica in the southeastern Bering Sea

Prepress abstract


N 851

Huston CA, Stevens PW, Blaxton RM, Tolley SG, Scharer RM, Tornwall BM, Poulakis GR

Diel movements of juvenile smalltooth sawfish: implications for defining the size of a nursery hotspot

THEME SECTION: Biology and ecology of sawfishes

Prepress abstract


N 853

Wueringer BE

Sawfish captures in the Queensland Shark Control Program 1962–2016

THEME SECTION: Biology and ecology of sawfishes

Prepress abstract


N 854

Carrera-García E, Rochard E, Acolas ML

Effects of rearing practice on post-release young-of the-year behavior: Acipenser sturio early life in freshwater

Prepress abstract


N 855

Warden ML, Haas HL, Richards PM, Rose KA, Hatch JM

Should observers walk or fly to monitor trends in sea turtle populations?

Prepress abstract


N 856

Liukkonen L, Rautio A, Sipilä T, Niemi M, Auttila M, Koskela J, Kunnasranta M

Long-term effects of land use on perinatal mortality in the endangered Saimaa ringed seal population

Prepress abstract


N 857

Frankel AS, Gabriele CM

Predicting the acoustic exposure of humpback whales from cruise and tour vessel noise in Glacier Bay, Alaska, under different management strategies

Prepress abstract


N 858

Salinas-de-León PS, Bertolotti A, Chong-Montenegro C, Gomes-Do-Régo MG, Preziosi RF

Reproductive biology of the Endangered Galapagos-endemic white-spotted sand-bass Paralabrax albomaculatus

Prepress abstract


N 859

Mannise N, Cosse M, González S, Emmons LH, Duarte JMB, Beccaceci MD, Maldonado JE

Maned wolves retain moderate levels of genetic diversity and gene flow despite drastic habitat fragmentation

Prepress abstract


N 860

Figuerola-Hernández CE, Swinnerton K, Holmes N, Monsegur-Rivera O, Herrera-Giraldo JL, Wolf C, Hanson C, Silander S, Croll D

Resurgence of Harrisia portoricensis (Cactaceae) on Desecheo Island after the removal of invasive vertebrates: implications for the management of the species

Prepress abstract


N 861

Schumann DA, Hoback WW, Koupal KD, Schoenebeck CW, Schainost SC, Wilson TL

Experimental analysis of reintroduction strategies to conserve the vulnerable Plains topminnow Fundulus sciadicus in Nebraska

Prepress abstract


N 862

Omeyer LCM, Godley BJ, Broderick AC

Growth rates of adult sea turtles

Prepress abstract


N 863

Bakenhaster MD, Bullard SA, Curran SS, Kritsky DC, Leone EH, Partridge LK, Ruiz CF, Scharer RM, Poulakis GR

Parasite component community of smalltooth sawfish off Florida: diversity, conservation concerns, and research applications

THEME SECTION: Biology and ecology of sawfishes

Prepress abstract


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