Forthcoming publications

Forthcoming articles are listed online shortly after acceptance. Prepress abstracts are also made available. These have not yet been fully checked and copyedited and are therefore subject to change before actual publication. The article is however citable as "in press", using the DOI.

Forthcoming feature articles

M 11908

Smith AM, Clark DE, Lamare MD, Winter DJ, Byrne M

Risk and resilience: variations in magnesium in echinoid skeletal calcite

Prepress abstract


M 11954

Rii YM, Karl DM, Church MJ

Temporal and vertical variability in picophytoplankton primary productivity in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre

Prepress abstract


M 11982

Fluhr J, Strøm H, Pradel R, Duriez O, Beaugrand G, Descamps S

Weakening of the subpolar gyre as a key driver of North Atlantic seabird demography: a case study with Brünnich’s guillemots in Svalbard

Prepress abstract

Forthcoming articles

M 11903

Quiroga E, Ortiz P, González-Saldías R, Reid B, Tapia F, Pérez-Santos I, Rebolledo L, Mansilla R, Pineda C, Cari I, Salinas N, Montiel A, Gerdes D

Seasonal patterns in the benthic realm of a glacial fjord (Martinez Channel, Chilean Patagonia): the role of suspended sediment and terrestrial organic matter

Prepress abstract


M 11905

Demopoulos AWJ, Bourque JR, Cordes E, Stamler KM

Impacts of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on deep-sea coral-associated sediment communities

Prepress abstract


M 11906

Burrows JA, Johnston DW, Straley JM, Chenoweth EM, Ware C, Curtice C, DeRuiter SL, Friedlaender AS

Prey density and depth affect the fine-scale foraging behavior of humpback whales Megaptera novaeangliae in Sitka Sound, Alaska

Prepress abstract


M 11907

Båmstedt U, Wikner J

Mixing depth and allochthonous dissolved organic carbon: controlling factors of coastal trophic balance

Prepress abstract


M 11912

Brind’Amour A, Rochet MJ, Ordines F, Hosack GR, Berthelé O, Mérigot B, Carbonara P, Follesa MC, Jadaud A, Lefkaditou E, Maiorano P, Peristeraki P, Mannini A, Rabiller M, Spedicato MT, Tserpes G, Trenkel VM

Environmental drivers explain regional differences of fish and invertebrate functional group changes across the Mediterranean Sea

Prepress abstract


M 11913

Lara M, Bouma TJ, Peralta G, van Soelen J, Pérez-Lloréns JL

Hydrodynamic effects of macrophyte microtopography: Spatial consequences of interspecific benthic transitions

Prepress abstract


M 11915

Pascual M, Neubert MG, Acuña JL, Solow AR, Dominguez-Carrió C, Salvador J, Olariaga A, Fuentes V

Environmental drivers of the population dynamics of the salp Thalia democratica from in situ observations

Prepress abstract


M 11920

Baker MC, Steinhoff MA, Fricano GF

Integrated effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on nearshore ecosystems

THEME SECTION: Response of nearshore ecosystems to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Prepress abstract


M 11926

Cumming RA, Nikula R, Spencer HG, Waters JM

Trans-Tasman genetic connectivity in the intertidal air-breathing slug Onchidella nigricans

Prepress abstract


M 11927

Parsons DF, Suthers IM, Cruz DO, Smith JA

Effects of habitat on fish abundance and species composition on temperate rocky reefs

Prepress abstract


M 11928

Dell C, Hay ME

Induced defence to grazing by vertebrate herbivores: uncommon or under-investigated?

Prepress abstract


M 11929

Maire O, Barras C, Gestin T, Nardelli MP, Romero-Ramirez A, Duchêne JC, Geslin E

How does macrofaunal bioturbation influence the vertical distribution of living benthic foraminifera?

Prepress abstract


M 11930

Shiomi K, Sato K, Handrich Y, Bost CA

Diel shift of swim speeds in king penguins in relation to changes in light intensity

Prepress abstract


M 11932

Krietsch J, Hahn S, Kopp M, Phillips RA, Peter HU, Lisovski S

Consistent variation in individual migration strategies of brown skuas

Prepress abstract


M 11935

Kenworthy JM, Paterson DM, Bishop MJ

Response of benthic assemblages to multiple stressors: comparative effects of nutrient enrichment and physical disturbance

Prepress abstract


M 11936

Tan CH, Pratchett MS, Bay LK, Graham ER, Baird AH

Spatial and temporal variation in fecundity among populations of Acropora millepora on the Great Barrier Reef

Prepress abstract


M 11937

Humphries NE, Simpson SJ, Wearmouth VJ, Sims DW

Two’s company, three’s a crowd: fine-scale habitat partitioning by depth among four sympatric species of marine mesopredator

Prepress abstract


M 11938

Freeman LA, Freeman SE

Rapidly obtained ecosystem indicators from coral reef soundscapes

Prepress abstract


M 11940

Sambrook K, Jones GP, Bonin MC

Life on the edge: Coral reef fishes exhibit strong responses to a habitat boundary

Prepress abstract


M 11941

Coelho MAG, Lasker HR

Larval behavior and settlement dynamics of a ubiquitous Caribbean octocoral and its implications for dispersal

Prepress abstract


M 11942

Yasue N, Harada S, Takasuka A

Seasonal variability in the development of Japanese anchovy during the transition from larval to juvenile stages

Prepress abstract


M 11943

Volpov BL, Goundie ET, Rosen DAS, Arnould JPY, Trites AW

Transiting to depth disrupts overall dynamic body acceleration and oxygen consumption rate in freely diving Steller sea lions

Prepress abstract


M 11944

Eads AR, Kennington WJ, Evans JP

Interactive effects of ocean warming and acidification on sperm motility and fertilization in the mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis

Prepress abstract


M 11946

Han J, Puthumana J, Lee MC, Kim S, Lee JS

Different susceptibilities of the Antarctic and temperate copepods Tigriopus kingsejongensis and Tigriopus japonicus to ultraviolet (UV) radiation

Prepress abstract


M 11947

Pascoe P, Lea MA, Mattlin RH, McMahon CR, Harcourt R, Thompson D, Torres L, Vinette-Herrin K, Hindell MA

Assessing the utility of two and three-dimensional behavioural metrics in habitat usage models

Prepress abstract


M 11948

Rodriguez S, Martín AP, Sousa-Pinto I, Arenas F

Biodiversity effects on macroalgal productivity: exploring the roles of richness, evenness and species traits

Prepress abstract


M 11949

Fox MD

Biomass loss reduces growth and resource translocation in giant kelp, Macrocystis pyrifera

Prepress abstract


M 11950

Yurkowski DJ, Semeniuk CAD, Harwood LA, Rosing-Asvid A, Dietz R, Brown TM, Clackett S, Grgicak-Mannion A, Fisk AT, Ferguson SH

The influence of sea ice phenology on the movement ecology of ringed seals across their latitudinal range

Prepress abstract


M 11951

Cerchio S, Trudelle L, Zerbini AN, Charrassin JB, Geyer Y, Mayer FX, Andrianarivelo N, Jung JL, Adam O, Rosenbaum HC

Satellite telemetry of humpback whales off Madagascar reveals insights on breeding behavior and long-range movements within the southwest Indian Ocean

Prepress abstract


M 11952

Mahfouz C, Meziane T, Henry F, Abi-Ghanem C, Spitz J, Jauniaux T, Bouveroux T, Khalaf G, Amara R

Using multi-approach analysis to assess the diet of harbour porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) in the southern North Sea

Prepress abstract


M 11953

MacDonald C, Bridge TCL, Jones GP

Depth, bay position and habitat structure as determinants of coral reef fish distributions: are deep reefs a potential refuge?

Prepress abstract


M 11955

Hargreaves D, Buckland A, Sheaves M

Trophic guild concept: factors affecting within-guild consistency for tropical estuarine fish

Prepress abstract


M 11956

Harvey BP, Moore PJ

Ocean warming and acidification prevent compensatory response in a predator to reduced prey quality

Prepress abstract


M 11957

Ellis CD, Hodgson DJ, Daniels CL, Collins M, Griffiths AGF

Population genetic structure in European lobsters: implications for connectivity, diversity and hatchery stocking

Prepress abstract


M 11958

Lynghammar A, Præbel K, Bhat S, Fevolden SE, Christiansen JS

Wide spread physical mixing of starry ray from differentiated populations and life histories in the North Atlantic

Prepress abstract


M 11959

Bateman DC, Bishop MJ

The environmental context and traits of habitat-forming bivalves influence the magnitude of their ecosystem engineering

Prepress abstract


M 11960

Blewett DA, Stevens PW, Carter J

Ecological effects of river flooding on abundance and body condition of a large, euryhaline fish

Prepress abstract


M 11961

Walles B, Smaal AC, Herman PMJ, Ysebaert T

Niche dimension differs among life-history stages of Pacific oysters in intertidal environments

Prepress abstract


M 11962

Becker SL, Finn JT, Danylchuk AJ, Pollock CG, Hillis-Starr Z, Lundgren I, Jordaan A

Influence of detection history and analytic tools on quantifying spatial ecology of a predatory fish in a marine protected area

Prepress abstract


M 11963

Flowers KI, Ajemian MJ, Bassos-Hull K, Feldheim KA, Hueter RE, Papastamatiou YP, Chapman DD

A review of batoid philopatry, with implications for future research and population management

Prepress abstract


M 11964

de la Guardia LC, Myers PG, Derocher AE, Lunn NJ, Terwischa van Scheltinga AD

Sea ice cycle in western Hudson Bay, Canada, from a polar bear perspective

Prepress abstract


M 11965

Monteiro SS, Caurant F, López A, Cedeira J, Ferreira M, Vingada JV, Eira C, Méndez-Fernandez P

Sympatric Globicephala species: feeding ecology and contamination status based on stable isotopes and trace elements

Prepress abstract


M 11966

Lifavi DM, Targett TE, Grecay PA

Effects of diel-cycling hypoxia and acidification on juvenile weakfish (Cynoscion regalis) growth, survival and activity

Prepress abstract


M 11967

Bi R, Liu H

Effects of variability among individuals on zooplankton population dynamics under environmental conditions

Prepress abstract


M 11968

Fischer R, Giebel HA, Ptacnik R

The identity of the limiting nutrient (N vs. P) affects the competitive success of mixotrophs

Prepress abstract


M 11969

Sivle LD, Wensveen PJ, Kvadsheim PH, Lam FPA, Visser F, Curé C, Harris CM, Tyack PL, Miller PJO

Naval sonar disrupts foraging in humpback whales

Prepress abstract


M 11970

Mikkelsen N, Pedersen T

Invasive red king crabs feed on both spawned-out capelin and their eggs

Prepress abstract


M 11971

Matley JK, Tobin AJ, Simpfendorfer CA, Fisk AT, Heupel MR

Trophic niche and spatio-temporal changes in the feeding ecology of two sympatric species of coral trout (Plectropomus leopardus and P. laevis)

Prepress abstract


M 11972

Shimada T, Jones R, Limpus C, Groom R, Hamann M

Long-term and seasonal patterns of sea turtle home ranges in warm coastal foraging habitats: implications for conservation

Prepress abstract


M 11973

Manríquez PH, Torres R, Matson PG, Lee MR, Jara ME, Seguel ME, Sepúlveda F, Pereira L

Effects of ocean warming and acidification on the early benthic ontogeny of an ecologically and economically important echinoderm

Prepress abstract


M 11974

Breton E, Christaki U, Bonato S, Didry M, Artigas LF

Functional trait variation and nitrogen use efficiency in temperate coastal phytoplankton

Prepress abstract


M 11975

Sandee SD, Van Hamme JD, Gosselin LA

Testing microbial pathogens as a cause of early juvenile mortality in wild populations of benthic invertebrates

Prepress abstract


M 11976

Galimany E, Freeman C, Lunt J, Domingos A, Sacks P, Walters L

Feeding competition between the native oyster Crassostrea virginica and the invasive mussel Mytella charruana

Prepress abstract


M 11977

Gray MW, Langdon CJ, Waldbusser GG, Hales B, Kramer S

Mechanistic understanding of ocean acidification impacts on larval feeding physiology and energy budgets of the mussel M. californianus

Prepress abstract


M 11978

Wing SR, Wing LC, Shatova OA, Van Hale R

Marine micronutrient vectors: seabirds, marine mammals and fishes egest high concentrations of bioactive metals in the sub-Antarctic island ecosystem

Prepress abstract


M 11979

Lourenço PM, Catry T, Lopes RJ, Piersma T, Granadeiro JP

Invisible trophic links? Quantifying the importance of non-standard food sources for key intertidal avian predators in the Eastern Atlantic

Prepress abstract


M 11980

Sugimoto R, Kitagawa K, Nishi S, Honda H, Yamada M, Kobayashi S, Shoji J, Ohsawa S, Taniguchi M, Tominaga O

Phytoplankton primary productivity around submarine groundwater discharge in nearshore coasts

Prepress abstract


M 11981

Barley SC, Meekan MG, Meeuwig JJ

Species diversity, abundance, biomass, size and trophic structure of fish on coral reefs in relation to shark abundance

Prepress abstract


M 11983

Kenworthy WJ, Consentino-Manning N, Handley L, Wild M, Rouhani S

Seagrass response following exposure to Deepwater Horizon oil (MC252) in the Chandeleur Islands, LA

THEME SECTION: Response of nearshore ecosystems to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Prepress abstract


M 11984

Cox C, Valdivia A, McField M, Castillo K, Bruno JF

Establishment of marine protected areas alone does not restore coral reef communities in Belize

Prepress abstract


M 11985

Ellis TA, Buckel JA, Hightower JE

Winter severity influences spotted seatrout mortality in a southeast U.S. estuarine system

Prepress abstract


M 11986

Lefebvre LW, Provancha JA, Slone DH, Kenworthy WJ

Manatee grazing impacts on a mixed species seagrass bed

Prepress abstract


M 11987

Aalto EA, Baskett ML

Post-harvest recovery dynamics depend on predator specialization in size-selective fisheries

Prepress abstract


M 11988

Johns ME, Warzybok P, Bradley RW, Jahncke J, Lindberg M, Breed G

Age, timing, and a variable environment affect double brooding of a long-lived seabird

Prepress abstract


M 11989

James LC, Marzloff MP, Barrett N, Friedman A, Johnson CR

Changes in deep reef benthic community composition across a latitudinal and environmental gradient in temperate Eastern Australia

Prepress abstract


M 11990

Piontkovski SA, Queste BY, Al-Hashmi KA, Al-Shaaibi A, Bryantseva YV, Popova EA

Subsurface algal blooms of the western Arabian Sea

Prepress abstract


M 11991

Pombo M, de Oliveira AL, Xavier LY, Siegle E, Turra A

Natural drivers of distribution of ghost crabs Ocypode quadrata and the implications of estimates from burrows

Prepress abstract


M 11992

Zhao X, Guo C, Han Y, Che Z, Wang Y, Wang X, Chai X, Wu H, Liu G

Ocean acidification decreases mussel byssal attachment strength and induces molecular byssal responses

Prepress abstract


M 11993

Geraldi NR, Bertolini C, Emmerson MC, Roberts D, Sigwart JD, O’Connor NE

Aggregations of brittle stars can provide similar ecological roles as mussel reefs

Prepress abstract


M 11994

Cherel Y, Xavier JC, de Grissac S, Trouvé C, Weimerskirch H

Feeding ecology, isotopic niche, and ingestion of fishery-related items of the wandering albatross Diomedea exulans at Kerguelen and Crozet Islands

Prepress abstract


M 11995

Every SL, Pethybridge HR, Fulton CJ, Kyne PM, Crook DA

Niche metrics suggest euryhaline and coastal elasmobranchs provide trophic connections among marine and freshwater biomes in northern Australia

Prepress abstract


M 11996

Zimmermann F, Jørgensen C

Taking animal breeding into the wild: regulation of fishing gear can make fish stocks evolve higher productivity

Prepress abstract


M 11997

Magnhagen C, Johansson K, Sigray P

The effect of motorboat noise on foraging behaviour in Eurasian perch and roach: a field experiment

Prepress abstract


M 11998

Samarra FIP, Vighi M, Aguilar A, Víkingsson GA

Intra-population variation in isotopic niche in herring-eating killer whales off Iceland

Prepress abstract


M 11999

Fitzsimmons MG, Rector ME, McKay DW, Storey AE

High growth and low corticosterone in food-supplemented Atlantic puffin Fratercula arctica chicks under poor foraging conditions

Prepress abstract


M 12000

Olson JW, Rode KD, Eggett D, Smith TS, Wilson RR, Durner GM, Fischbach A, Atwood TC, Douglas DC

Collar temperature sensor data reveal long-term patterns in southern Beaufort Sea polar bear den distribution on pack ice and land

Prepress abstract


M 12001

Papacostas KJ, Rielly EW, Georgian SE, Long DJ, Princiotta SD, Quattrini AM, Reuter KE, Freestone AL

Biological mechanisms of marine invasions

Prepress abstract


M 12002

Santelli A, Cvitković I, Despalatović M, Fabi G, Grati F, Marčeta B, Punzo E, Raicevich S, Strafella P, Spagnolo A, Tassetti AN, Scarcella G

Spatial persistence of megazoobenthic assemblages discarded by fisheries in the Adriatic Sea

Prepress abstract


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