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Forthcoming articles are listed online shortly after acceptance. Prepress abstracts are also made available. These have not yet been fully checked and copyedited and are therefore subject to change before actual publication. The article is however citable as "in press", using the DOI.

Forthcoming feature articles

M 12582

Stasko AD, Bluhm BA, Michel C, Archambault P, Majewski A, Reist JD, Swanson H, Power M

Benthic–pelagic trophic coupling in an Arctic marine food web along vertical water mass and organic matter gradients

Prepress abstract

Forthcoming articles

M 12503

Calder-Potts RN, Spicer JI, Calosi P, Findlay HS, Queirós AM, Widdicombe S

Density-dependent responses of the brittlestar Amphiura filiformis to moderate hypoxia and consequences for nutrient fluxes

Prepress abstract


M 12510

Olsen MT, Galatius A, Härkönen T

The history and effects of seal–fishery conflicts in Denmark

Prepress abstract


M 12511

Ben-Horin T, Allen SK Jr., Small JM, Proestou DA

Genetic variation in anti-parasite behavior in oysters

Prepress abstract


M 12516

Reglero P, Blanco E, Alemany F, Ferrá C, Alvarez-Berastegui D, Ortega A, de la Gándara F, Aparicio A, Folkvord A

Vertical distribution of Atlantic bluefin tuna Thunnus thynnus and bonito Sarda sarda larvae related to temperature preference, as revealed by field and laboratory experiments

Prepress abstract


M 12523

Putnam AB, Peckol P

Asymmetric interference competition between herbivorous gastropods, introduced Littorina littorea and indigenous L. obtusata

Prepress abstract


M 12525

Nicolet KJ, Hoogenboom MO, Pratchett MS, Willis BL

Selective feeding by corallivorous fishes neither promotes nor reduces progression rates of black band disease

Prepress abstract


M 12528

Gabara SS, Hamilton SL, Edwards MS, Steller DL

Rhodolith structural loss decreases abundance, diversity, and stability of benthic communities at Santa Catalina Island, CA

Prepress abstract


M 12529

Vye SR, Dick JTA, Emmerson MC, O’Connor NE

Cumulative effects of an invasive species and nutrient enrichment on rock pool communities

Prepress abstract


M 12531

Fisher M, Hunter E

Digital imaging techniques in otolith data capture, analysis and interpretation

THEME SECTION: Innovative use of sclerochronology in marine resource management

Prepress abstract


M 12533

Lauerburg RAM, Temming A, Pinnegar JK, Kotterba P, Sell AF, Kempf A, Floeter J

Forage fish controlling population dynamics of North Sea whiting Merlangius merlangus

Prepress abstract


M 12534

Phillips EM, Horne JK, Adams J, Zamon JE

Selective occupancy of a persistent yet variable coastal river plume by two seabird species

Prepress abstract


M 12535

Minello TJ, Benfield MC

Effects of turbidity on feeding of southern flounder on estuarine prey

Prepress abstract


M 12537

Precoda K, Baird AH, Madsen A, Mizerek T, Sommer B, Su SN, Madin JS

How does a widespread reef coral maintain a population in an isolated environment?

Prepress abstract


M 12538

Guillaumot C, Martin A, Eléaume M, Saucède T

Methodological clues for improving species distribution models in data-poor areas: example of sub-Antarctic benthic species on the Kerguelen Plateau

Prepress abstract


M 12539

Fox CH, Paquet PC, Reimchen TE

Pacific herring spawn events influence nearshore subtidal and intertidal species

Prepress abstract


M 12540

Seymour JR, Barbasch TA, Buston PM

Lunar cycles of reproduction in the clown anemonefish Amphiprion percula: individual-level strategies and population-level patterns

Prepress abstract


M 12542

Otero J, Bode A, Álvarez-Salgado XA, Varela M

Role of functional trait variability in the response of individual phytoplankton species to changing environmental conditions in a coastal upwelling zone

Prepress abstract


M 12543

Umbricht J, Dippner JW, Fry B, Kröncke I, Liskow I, Nehmer P, Thoms F, Voss M

Correction of the isotopic composition (δ13C and δ15N) of preserved Baltic and North Sea macrozoobenthos and their trophic interactions

Prepress abstract


M 12544

Rossi S, Elias-Piera F

Trophic ecology of three echinoderms in deep waters of the Weddell Sea (Antarctica)

Prepress abstract


M 12545

Martins APB, Heupel MR, Chin A, Simpfendorfer CA

Batoid nurseries: definition, use and importance

Prepress abstract


M 12546

Thorbjørnsen SH, Moland E, Huserbråten MBO, Knutsen JA, Knutsen H, Olsen EM

Replicated marine protected areas support movement of larger, but not more, European lobsters to neighbouring fished areas

Prepress abstract


M 12547

Doerr JC, Hill RL

Spatial distribution, density, and habitat associations of queen conch, Strombus gigas, in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

Prepress abstract


M 12548

Pedersen T, Fuhrmann MM, Lindstrøm U, Nilssen EM, Ivarjord T, Ramasco V, Jørgensen LL, Sundet JH, Sivertsen K, Källgren E, Hjelset AM, Michaelsen C, Systad G, Norrbin F, Svenning MA, Bjørge A, Steen H, Nilssen KT

Effects of the invasive red king crab on food web structure and properties in an Atlantic fjord

Prepress abstract


M 12549

Bezio N, Costello J, Perry E, Colin S

Effects of capture surface morphology on feeding success of scyphomedusae: a comparative study

Prepress abstract


M 12550

Johnson AJ, Statton J, Orth RJ, Kendrick GA

A sediment bioturbator bottleneck to seedling recruitment for the seagrass Posidonia australis

Prepress abstract


M 12551

Fernandez M, Yesson C, Gannier A, Miller PI, Azevedo JMN

A matter of timing: how temporal scale selection influences cetaceans ecological niche modelling

Prepress abstract


M 12552

Graba-Landry A, Hoey AS, Matley JK, Sheppard-Brennand H, Poore AGB, Byrne M, Dworjanyn SA

Ocean warming has greater and more consistent negative effects than ocean acidification on the growth and health of subtropical macroalgae

Prepress abstract


M 12553

Sato M, Barth JA, Benoit-Bird KJ, Pierce SD, Cowles TJ, Brodeur RD, Peterson WT

Coastal upwelling fronts as a boundary for planktivorous fish distributions

Prepress abstract


M 12554

Rykaczewski RR

Changes in mesozooplankton size structure along a trophic gradient in the California Current Ecosystem and implications for small pelagic fish

THEME SECTION: Drivers of dynamics of small pelagic fish resources: biology, management and human factors

Prepress abstract


M 12555

Osborne KL, Hannigan RE, Poynton HC

Differential copper toxicity in invasive and native ascidians of New England provides support for enhanced invader tolerance

Prepress abstract


M 12556

Green-Gavrielidis LA, MacKechnie F, Thornber CS, Gomez-Chiarri M

Bloom-forming macroalgae (Ulva spp.) inhibit the growth of co-occurring macroalgae and decrease eastern oyster larval survival

Prepress abstract


M 12557

Baylis AMM, Tierney M, Orben RA, Staniland IJ, Brickle P

Geographic variation in the foraging behaviour of South American fur seals

Prepress abstract


M 12558

Low NHN, Micheli F

Lethal and functional thresholds of hypoxia in two key benthic grazers

Prepress abstract


M 12559

Font-Muñoz JS, Jordi A, Anglès S, Ferriol P, Garcés E, Basterretxea G

Assessing phytoplankton community composition from combined pigment and particle size distribution analysis

Prepress abstract


M 12560

Brandt MJ, Dragon AC, Diederichs A, Bellmann MA, Wahl V, Piper W, Nabe-Nielsen J, Nehls G

Disturbance of harbour porpoises during construction of the first seven offshore wind farms in Germany

Prepress abstract


M 12561

Hagerty ML, Reyns N, Pineda J

Constrained nearshore larval distributions and thermal stratification

Prepress abstract


M 12562

de Carvalho-Souza GF, González-Ortegón E, Baldó F, Vilas C, Drake P, Llope M

Natural and anthropogenic drivers on the early life stages of European anchovy in one of its Essential Fish Habitats, the Guadalquivir estuary

THEME SECTION: Drivers of dynamics of small pelagic fish resources: biology, management and human factors

Prepress abstract


M 12563

Asci SC, Langton RW, Stokesbury KDE

Estimating similarity in benthic communities over decades and in areas open and closed to fishing in the central Gulf of Maine, USA

Prepress abstract


M 12564

Siegel JE, Adkison MD, McPhee MV

Changing maturation reaction norms and the effects of growth history in Alaskan Chinook salmon

Prepress abstract


M 12565

Reimer JN, Hacker SD, Menge BA, Ruggiero P

Macrophyte wrack on sandy beaches of the US Pacific Northwest is linked to proximity of rocky reefs and estuaries, ocean upwelling, and beach morphology

Prepress abstract


M 12566

Tamdrari H, Benoît HP, Hanson JM, Bourdages H, Brêthes JC

Environmental associations and assemblage structure of shrimp species in the Gulf of St. Lawrence (Canada) following dramatic increases in abundance

Prepress abstract


M 12567

van der Sleen P, Rykaczewski RR, Turley BD, Sydeman WJ, García-Reyes M, Bograd SJ, van der Lingen CD, Coetzee JC, Lamont T, Black BA

Non-stationary responses in Cape anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus) recruitment to coastal upwelling in the Southern Benguela

Prepress abstract


M 12568

Cleary AC, Durbin EG, Casas MC

Feeding by Antarctic krill, Euphausia superba, in the West Antarctic Peninsula: differences between fjords and open waters

Prepress abstract


M 12569

Plough LV, Fitzgerald C, Plummer A, Pierson JJ

Reproductive isolation and morphological divergence between cryptic lineages of the copepod Acartia tonsa in Chesapeake Bay

Prepress abstract


M 12570

Omeyer LCM, Fuller WJ, Snape RTE, Godley BJ, Broderick AC

Determinate or indeterminate growth? Revisiting the growth strategy of sea turtles

Prepress abstract



M 12571

Aceves-Bueno E, Halpern BS

Informing the design of Territorial Use Rights in Fisheries from Marine Protected Area theory

Prepress abstract


M 12572

Archer SK, Halliday WD, Riera A, Mouy X, Pine MK, Chu JWF, Dunham A, Juanes F

The first description of a glass sponge reef soundscape reveals fish calls and elevated sound pressure levels

Prepress abstract


M 12574

Huret M, Tsiaras K, Daewel U, Skogen MD, Gatti P, Petitgas P, Somarakis S

Variation in life-history traits of European anchovy along a latitudinal gradient: a bioenergetics modelling approach

THEME SECTION: Drivers of dynamics of small pelagic fish resources: biology, management and human factors

Prepress abstract


M 12575

Smith JG, Malone D, Baetscher DS, Carr MH

Evaluation and application of a biopsy device for in-situ non-lethal tissue extraction for fishes

Prepress abstract


M 12576

Wang VH, White JW, Arnott SA, Scharf FS

Population connectivity of southern flounder in the US South Atlantic revealed by otolith chemical analysis

Prepress abstract


M 12577

Goldstein J, Jürgensen C, Steiner UK, Riisgård HU

Density-driven water exchange controls seasonal declines in the abundance of jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) in a shallow fjord system

Prepress abstract


M 12578

Mercado-Molina AE, Ruiz-Diaz CP, Sabat AM

Tissue loss rather than colony size determines the demographic fate of the branching coral Acropora cervicornis

Prepress abstract


M 12585

Leclerc JC

Patterns of spatial variability between contrasting substrata: a boulder-field study

Prepress abstract


M 12579

Larsson ME, Laczka OF, Suthers IM, Ajani PA, Doblin MA

Hitchhiking in the East Australian Current: rafting as a dispersal mechanism for harmful epibenthic dinoflagellates

Prepress abstract


M 12581

Freitas C, Caldeira R, Reis J, Dellinger T

Foraging behavior of juvenile loggerhead sea turtles in the open ocean: from Lévy exploration to area-restricted search

Prepress abstract


M 12583

Bulleri F, Thiault L, Mills SC, Nugues MM, Eckert EM, Corno G, Claudet J

Erect macroalgae influence epilithic bacterial assemblages and reduce coral recruitment

Prepress abstract


M 12584

Dalponti G, Guariento RD, Caliman A

Hunting high or low: Body size drives trophic position among and within marine predators

Prepress abstract


M 12586

McLean EL, Katenka NV, Seibel BA

Decreased growth and increased shell disease prevalence in early benthic phase Homarus americanus in response to elevated CO2

Prepress abstract


M 12587

Desmond MJ, Suárez-Jiménez R, Nelson WA, Hepburn CD

Epifaunal community structure within southern New Zealand kelp-forests

Prepress abstract


M 12588

Nielsen NH, Teilmann J, Sveegaard S, Hansen RG, Sinding MHS, Dietz R, Heide-Jørgensen MP

Oceanic movements, site fidelity and deep diving in harbour porpoises from Greenland show limited behavioural similarities to North Sea harbour porpoise population

Prepress abstract


M 12589

Murillo FJ, Kenchington E, Tompkins G, Beazley L, Baker E, Knudby A, Walkusz W

Sponge assemblages and predicted archetypes in the eastern Canadian Arctic

Prepress abstract


M 12590

Passuni G, Barbraud C, Chaigneau A, Bertrand A, Oliveros-Ramos R, Ledesma J, Castillo R, Bouchon M, Bertrand S

Long-term changes in the breeding seasonality of Peruvian seabirds and regime shifts in the Northern Humboldt Current System

Prepress abstract


M 12591

Coll M, Albo-Puigserver M, Navarro J, Palomera I, Dambacher JM

Who is to blame? Plausible pressures on small pelagic fish population changes in the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea

THEME SECTION: Drivers of dynamics of small pelagic fish resources: biology, management and human factors

Prepress abstract


M 12593

Madigan DJ, Snodgrass OE, Fisher NS

From migrants to mossbacks: tracer- and tag-inferred habitat shifts in the California yellowtail Seriola dorsalis

Prepress abstract


M 12594

Kelly JP, Rothenbach CA, Weathers WW

Echoes of numerical dependence: responses of wintering waterbirds to Pacific herring spawns

Prepress abstract


M 12595

Rains SAM, Wilberg MJ, Miller TJ

Evaluation of fishery-induced sperm limitation in Chesapeake Bay blue crab using an individual based model

Prepress abstract


M 12597

Stankovic M, Tantipisanuh N, Rattanachot E, Prathep A

Model-based approach for estimating biomass and organic carbon in tropical seagrass ecosystems

Prepress abstract


M 12598

Friedman WR, Santora JA, Schroeder ID, Huff DD, Brodeur RD, Field JC, Wells BK

Environmental and geographic relationships among salmon forage assemblages along the continental shelf of the California Current

Prepress abstract


M 12600

Adam TC, Duran A, Fuchs CE, Roycroft MV, Rojas MC, Ruttenberg BI, Burkepile DE

Comparative analysis of foraging behavior and bite mechanics reveals complex functional diversity among Caribbean parrotfishes

Prepress abstract


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