Forthcoming publications

Forthcoming articles are listed online shortly after acceptance. Prepress abstracts are also made available. These have not yet been fully checked and copyedited and are therefore subject to change before actual publication. The article is however citable as "in press", using the DOI.

Forthcoming feature articles

M 12011

Duffy GA, Chown SL

Explicitly integrating a third dimension in marine species distribution modelling

Prepress abstract


M 12026

Cortés V, Arcos JM, González-Solís J

Factors driving seabird interactions and bycatch in demersal longliners from the North-Western Mediterranean

Prepress abstract


Forthcoming articles

M 11955

Hargreaves D, Buckland A, Sheaves M

Trophic guild concept: factors affecting within-guild consistency for tropical estuarine fish

Prepress abstract


M 11964

de la Guardia LC, Myers PG, Derocher AE, Lunn NJ, Terwischa van Scheltinga AD

Sea ice cycle in western Hudson Bay, Canada, from a polar bear perspective

Prepress abstract


M 11966

Lifavi DM, Targett TE, Grecay PA

Effects of diel-cycling hypoxia and acidification on juvenile weakfish (Cynoscion regalis) growth, survival and activity

Prepress abstract


M 11967

Bi R, Liu H

Effects of variability among individuals on zooplankton population dynamics under environmental conditions

Prepress abstract


M 11976

Galimany E, Freeman C, Lunt J, Domingos A, Sacks P, Walters L

Feeding competition between the native oyster Crassostrea virginica and the invasive mussel Mytella charruana

Prepress abstract


M 11981

Barley SC, Meekan MG, Meeuwig JJ

Species diversity, abundance, biomass, size and trophic structure of fish on coral reefs in relation to shark abundance

Prepress abstract


M 11983

Kenworthy WJ, Consentino-Manning N, Handley L, Wild M, Rouhani S

Seagrass response following exposure to Deepwater Horizon oil (MC252) in the Chandeleur Islands, LA

THEME SECTION: Response of nearshore ecosystems to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Prepress abstract


M 11985

Ellis TA, Buckel JA, Hightower JE

Winter severity influences spotted seatrout mortality in a southeast U.S. estuarine system

Prepress abstract


M 11986

Lefebvre LW, Provancha JA, Slone DH, Kenworthy WJ

Manatee grazing impacts on a mixed species seagrass bed

Prepress abstract


M 11987

Aalto EA, Baskett ML

Post-harvest recovery dynamics depend on predator specialization in size-selective fisheries

Prepress abstract


M 11988

Johns ME, Warzybok P, Bradley RW, Jahncke J, Lindberg M, Breed G

Age, timing, and a variable environment affect double brooding of a long-lived seabird

Prepress abstract


M 11989

James LC, Marzloff MP, Barrett N, Friedman A, Johnson CR

Changes in deep reef benthic community composition across a latitudinal and environmental gradient in temperate Eastern Australia

Prepress abstract


M 11990

Piontkovski SA, Queste BY, Al-Hashmi KA, Al-Shaaibi A, Bryantseva YV, Popova EA

Subsurface algal blooms of the western Arabian Sea

Prepress abstract


M 11991

Pombo M, de Oliveira AL, Xavier LY, Siegle E, Turra A

Natural drivers of distribution of ghost crabs Ocypode quadrata and the implications of estimates from burrows

Prepress abstract


M 11992

Zhao X, Guo C, Han Y, Che Z, Wang Y, Wang X, Chai X, Wu H, Liu G

Ocean acidification decreases mussel byssal attachment strength and induces molecular byssal responses

Prepress abstract


M 11994

Cherel Y, Xavier JC, de Grissac S, Trouvé C, Weimerskirch H

Feeding ecology, isotopic niche, and ingestion of fishery-related items of the wandering albatross Diomedea exulans at Kerguelen and Crozet Islands

Prepress abstract


M 11995

Every SL, Pethybridge HR, Fulton CJ, Kyne PM, Crook DA

Niche metrics suggest euryhaline and coastal elasmobranchs provide trophic connections among marine and freshwater biomes in northern Australia

Prepress abstract


M 11997

Magnhagen C, Johansson K, Sigray P

The effect of motorboat noise on foraging behaviour in Eurasian perch and roach: a field experiment

Prepress abstract


M 11998

Samarra FIP, Vighi M, Aguilar A, Víkingsson GA

Intra-population variation in isotopic niche in herring-eating killer whales off Iceland

Prepress abstract


M 11999

Fitzsimmons MG, Rector ME, McKay DW, Storey AE

High growth and low corticosterone in food-supplemented Atlantic puffin Fratercula arctica chicks under poor foraging conditions

Prepress abstract


M 12000

Olson JW, Rode KD, Eggett D, Smith TS, Wilson RR, Durner GM, Fischbach A, Atwood TC, Douglas DC

Collar temperature sensor data reveal long-term patterns in southern Beaufort Sea polar bear den distribution on pack ice and land

Prepress abstract


M 12001

Papacostas KJ, Rielly EW, Georgian SE, Long DJ, Princiotta SD, Quattrini AM, Reuter KE, Freestone AL

Biological mechanisms of marine invasions

Prepress abstract


M 12002

Santelli A, Cvitković I, Despalatović M, Fabi G, Grati F, Marčeta B, Punzo E, Raicevich S, Strafella P, Spagnolo A, Tassetti AN, Scarcella G

Spatial persistence of megazoobenthic assemblages discarded by fisheries in the Adriatic Sea

Prepress abstract


M 12003

Decker C, Hassani S, Jezequel MD, Rault C, Dumas C, Méheust E, Alfonsi E, Jung JL

Mitochondrial DNA reveals historical maternal lineages and a postglacial expansion of the grey seal in European waters

Prepress abstract


M 12004

Haavisto F, Koivikko R, Jormalainen V

Defensive role of macroalgal phlorotannins: benefits and trade-offs under natural herbivory

Prepress abstract


M 12005

Raymundo LJ, Burdick D, Lapacek VA, Miller R, Brown V

Anomalous temperatures and extreme tides: Guam staghorn Acropora succumb to a double threat

Prepress abstract


M 12007

Couto A, Queiroz N, Relvas P, Baptista M, Furtado M, Castro J, Nunes M, Morikawa H, Rosa R

Occurrence of basking shark Cetorhinus maximus in southern Portuguese waters: a two-decade survey

Prepress abstract


M 12008

Hirai J, Hidaka K, Nagai S, Ichikawa T

Molecular-based diet analysis of the early post-larvae of Japanese sardine Sardinops melanostictus and Pacific round herring Etrumeus teres

Prepress abstract


M 12006

Dzaugis MP, Allman RJ, Black BA

Importance of the spring transition in the northern Gulf of Mexico as inferred from marine fish biochronologies

Prepress abstract


M 12009

Sun X, Hedgecock D

Temporal genetic change in North American Pacific oyster populations suggests caution in seascape genetic analyses of high gene-flow species

Prepress abstract


M 12010

van Bemmelen R, Moe B, Hanssen SA, Schmidt NM, Hansen J, Lang J, Sittler B, Bollache L, Tulp I, Klaassen R, Gilg O

Variable individual consistency in non-breeding movements of a long-distance migratory seabird, the Long-tailed Skua

THEME SECTION: Individual variability in seabird foraging and migration

Prepress abstract


M 12012

Keen EM, Wray J, Meuter H, Thompson KL, Barlow JP, Picard CR

Whale wave: shifting strategies structure the complex use of critical fjord habitat by humpbacks

Prepress abstract


M 12013

Williard AS, Goodman Hall A, Fujisaki I, Braun McNeill J

Oceanic overwintering in juvenile green turtles Chelonia mydas from a temperate latitude foraging ground

Prepress abstract


M 12014

Sohel S, Mattila J, Lindström K

Effects of turbidity on prey choice of three-spined stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus)

Prepress abstract


M 12015

Marino CM, Pawlik JR, López-Legentil S, Erwin PM

Latitudinal variation in the microbiome of the sponge Ircinia campana correlates with host haplotype but not anti-predatory chemical defense

Prepress abstract


M 12016

Walpersdorf E, Kühl M, Elberling B, Andersen TJ, Hansen BU, Pejrup M, Glud RN

In situ oxygen dynamics and carbon turnover in an intertidal sediment (Skallingen, Denmark)

Prepress abstract


M 12017

Whitehead TO, Connan M, Ropert-Coudert Y, Ryan PG

Subtle but significant segregation in the feeding ecology of sympatric penguins during the critical pre-moult period

Prepress abstract


M 12018

Dillon EM, O’Dea A, Norris RD

Dermal denticles as a tool to reconstruct shark communities

Prepress abstract


M 12019

Auger-Méthé M, Albertsen CM, Jonsen ID, Derocher AE, Lidgard DC, Studholme KR, Bowen WD, Crossin GT, Flemming JM

Spatiotemporal modelling of marine movement data using Template Model Builder

Prepress abstract


M 12020

Pereira JM, Paiva VH, Xavier JC

Seabirds mapping the DISTRIBUTION of elusive pelagic cephalopod species

Prepress abstract


M 12021

Daly EA, Brodeur RD, Auth TD

Anomalous ocean conditions in 2015: impacts on spring Chinook salmon and their prey field

Prepress abstract


M 12022

Young RC, Orben RA, Will A, Kitaysky AS

Relationship between telomere dynamics and movement and behavior during winter in the thick-billed murre

THEME SECTION: Individual variability in seabird foraging and migration

Prepress abstract


M 12023

Fuhrmann MM, Pedersen T, Nilssen EM

Trophic niche of the invasive red king crab (Paralithodes camtschaticus) in a benthic food web

Prepress abstract


M 12024

Hoskins AJ, Schumann N, Costa DP, Arnould JPY

Foraging niche separation in sympatric temperate-latitude fur seal species

Prepress abstract


M 12025

Segovia M, Lorenzo MR, Maldonado MT, Larsen A, Berger SA, Tsagaraki TM, Lázaro FJ, Iñiguez C, García-Gómez C, Palma A, Mausz MA, Gordillo FJL, Fernández JA, Ray JL, Egge JK

Iron availability modulates the effects of future CO2 levels within the marine planktonic food web

Prepress abstract


M 12027

Knox TC, Baylis AMM, Arnould JPY

Habitat use and diving behaviour of male Australian fur seals

Prepress abstract


M 12028

Wells S, McConaugha J, Horth L

Multiple mating by females in the Chesapeake Bay blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) population

Prepress abstract


M 12029

Nowicki RJ, Thomson JA, Burkholder DA, Fourqurean JW, Heithaus MR

Predicting seagrass recovery times and their implications following an extreme climate event

Prepress abstract


M 12030

Fox CH, Huettmann FH, Harvey GKA, Morgan KH, Robinson J, Williams R, Paquet PC

Predictions from machine learning ensembles: marine bird distribution and density on Canada’s Pacific coast

Prepress abstract


M 12031

McMullin RM, Wing SR, Wing LC, Shatova OA

Trophic position of Antarctic ice fishes reflects food web structure along a gradient in sea ice persistence

Prepress abstract


M 12032

O’Reilly EE, Chadwick NE

Population dynamics of corkscrew sea anemones Bartholomea annulata in the Florida Keys

Prepress abstract


M 12033

Hong H, Li D, Lin W, Li W, Shi D

Nitrogen nutritional condition affects the response of energy metabolism in diatoms to elevated carbon dioxide

Prepress abstract


M 12034

Bodmer MDV, Wheeler PM, Hendrix AM, Cesarano DN, East AS, Exton DA

Interacting effects of temperature, habitat and phenotype on predator avoidance behaviour in Diadema antillarum: implications for restorative conservation

Prepress abstract


M 12035

De Cesare S, Meziane T, Chauvaud L, Richard J, Sejr MK, Thébault J, Winkler G, Olivier F

Dietary plasticity in the bivalve Astarte moerchi revealed by a multimarker study in two Arctic fjords

Prepress abstract


M 12036

Gaillard B, Meziane T, Tremblay R, Archambault P, Blicher ME, Chauvaud L, Rysgaard S, Olivier F

Food resources of the bivalve Astarte elliptica in a sub-Arctic fjord: a multi-biomarker approach

Prepress abstract


M 12037

Larkin PD, Maloney TJ, Rubiano-Rincon S, Barrett MM

A map-based approach to assessing genetic diversity, structure, and connectivity in the seagrass Halodule wrightii

Prepress abstract


M 12038

Zubak I, Kruschel C, Schultz ST

Predators structure fish communities in Posidonia oceanica meadows: Meta-analysis of available data across the Mediterranean basin

Prepress abstract


M 12039

Prestes ACL, Cacabelos E, Neto AI, Martins GM

Temporal stability in macroalgal assemblage standing stock despite high species turnover

Prepress abstract


M 12040

Copeman LA, Laurel BJ, Spencer M, Sremba A

Temperature impacts on lipid allocation among juvenile gadid species at the Pacific Arctic–Boreal interface: a common garden laboratory approach

Prepress abstract


M 12041

McHuron EA, Mangel M, Schwarz LK, Costa DP

Energy and prey requirements of California sea lions under variable environmental conditions

Prepress abstract


M 12042

Jin P, Ding J, Xing T, Riebesell U, Gao K

High levels of solar radiation offset impacts of ocean acidification on Emiliania huxleyi, with special reference to calcifying and non-calcifying strains

Prepress abstract


M 12043

Sullivan TJ, Neigel JE

Misidentification of megalopae as a potential source of error in studies of the population genetics and ecology of the blue crab Callinectes sapidus

Prepress abstract


M 12044

McKeown NJ, Hauser L, Shaw PW

Microsatellite genotyping of Brown crab (Cancer pagurus) reveals fine scale selection and 'non- chaotic' genetic patchiness within a high gene flow system

Prepress abstract


M 12045

Kurle CM, McWhorter J

Spatial and temporal variability within marine isoscapes: implications for interpreting stable isotope data from marine systems

Prepress abstract


M 12046

Giménez J, Cañadas A, Ramírez F, Afán I, García-Tiscar S, Fernández-Maldonado C, Castillo JJ, de Stephanis R

Intra- and interspecific niche partitioning in striped and common dolphins inhabiting the south-western Mediterranean Sea

Prepress abstract


M 12047

Werbrouck E, Vanreusel A, Deregibus D, Van Gansbeke D, De Troch M

Antarctic harpacticoids exploit different trophic niches: a summer snapshot using fatty acid trophic markers (Potter Cove, King George Island)

Prepress abstract


M 12048

Henderson CJ, Olds AD, Lee SY, Gilby BL, Maxwell PS, Connolly RM, Stevens T

Marine reserves and seascape context shape fish assemblages in seagrass ecosystems

Prepress abstract


M 12049

Sackett DK, Kelley CD, Drazen JC

Spilling over deepwater boundaries; evidence of spillover from two deepwater restricted fishing areas in Hawaii

Prepress abstract


M 12050

Galimany E, Lunt J, Freeman C, Reed S, Segura-García I, Paul VJ

Feeding behavior of oysters (Crassostrea virginica) and clams (Mercenaria mercenaria) in shallow estuaries

Prepress abstract


M 12051

Zimmerman RC, Hill VJ, Jinuntuya M, Celebi B, Ruble D, Smith M, Cedeno T, Swingle WM

Experimental impacts of climate warming and ocean carbonation on eelgrass Zostera marina

Prepress abstract


M 12052

Mendez L, Borsa P, Cruz S, de Grissac S, Hennicke J, Lallemand J, Prudor A, Weimerskirch H

Geographical variation in the foraging behaviour of the pantropical red-footed booby

Prepress abstract


M 12053

Bradley D, Papastamatiou YP, Caselle JE

No persistent behavioural effects of scuba diving on reef sharks

Prepress abstract


M 12054

Nelson NG, Muñoz-Carpena R, Phlips EJ

A novel quantile method reveals spatiotemporal shifts in phytoplankton biomass descriptors between bloom and non-bloom conditions in a subtropical estuary

Prepress abstract


M 12055

Ikeda H, Mizota C, Uye Si

Bioenergetic characterization in Aurelia aurita (Cnidaria: Scyphozoa) polyps and application to natural polyp populations

Prepress abstract


M 12056

Lenz AJ, Avens L, Borges-Martins M

Age and growth of juvenile green turtles (Chelonia mydas) in the western South Atlantic Ocean

Prepress abstract


M 12057

Pérez-Matus A, Ospina-Alvarez A, Camus PA, Carrasco SA, Fernandez M, Gelcich S, Godoy N, Ojeda FP, Pardo LM, Rozbascylo N, Subida MD, Thiel M, Wieters EA, Navarrete SA

Temperate rocky subtidal reef community reveals human impacts across the entire food web

Prepress abstract


M 12058

Meyer KS, Brooke SD, Sweetman AK, Wolf M, Young CM

Invertebrate communities on historical shipwrecks in the western Atlantic: relation to islands

Prepress abstract


M 12059

Corrales-Ugalde M, Colin SP, Sutherland KR

Nematocyst distribution corresponds to prey capture location in hydromedusae with different predation modes

Prepress abstract


M 12060

Garcia AM, Winemiller KO, Hoeinghaus DJ, Claudino MC, Bastos R, Correa F, Huckembeck S, Vieira J, Loebmann D, Abreu P, Ducatti C

Hydrologic pulsing promotes spatial connectivity and food web subsidies in a subtropical coastal ecosystem

Prepress abstract


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