Forthcoming publications

Forthcoming articles are listed online shortly after acceptance. Prepress abstracts are also made available. These have not yet been fully checked and copyedited and are therefore subject to change before actual publication. The article is however citable as "in press", using the DOI.

Forthcoming feature articles

M 12157

Mäkelä A, Witte U, Archambault P

Ice algae vs. phytoplankton: resource utilization by Arctic deep sea macroinfauna revealed through isotope labelling experiments

Prepress abstract


M 12176

Johnston CA, Caretti ON

Mangrove expansion into temperate marshes alters habitat quality for recruiting Callinectes spp

Prepress abstract

Forthcoming articles

M 12097

Lee KA, Huveneers C, Duong T, Harcourt RG

The ocean has depth: two- versus three-dimensional space use estimators in a demersal reef fish

Prepress abstract


M 12105

Strydom S, McMahon K, Kendrick GA, Lavery PS, Statton J

Seagrass Halophila ovalis is affected by light quality across different life history stages

Prepress abstract


M 12110

Barberá C, Mallol S, Vergés A, Cabanellas-Reboredo M, Díaz D, Goñi R

Maerl beds inside and outside a 25-year-old no-take area

Prepress abstract


M 12120

Markel RW, Lotterhos KE, Robinson CLK

Temporal variability in the environmental and geographic predictors of spatial-recruitment in nearshore rockfishes

Prepress abstract


M 12122

Beukema JJ, Dekker R, Drent J, van der Meer J

Long-term changes in annual growth of bivalves in the Wadden Sea: influences of temperature, food and abundance

Prepress abstract


M 12125

Simo-Matchim AG, Gosselin M, Poulin M, Ardyna M, Lessard S

Summer and fall distribution of phytoplankton in relation to environmental variables in Labrador fjords, northeastern Canada, with special emphasis on Phaeocystis pouchetii

Prepress abstract


M 12128

Björnsson B, Burgos JM, Sólmundsson J, Ragnarsson SÁ, Jónsdóttir IG, Skúladóttir U

Effects of cod and haddock on the distribution and abundance of northern shrimp

Prepress abstract


M 12131

De Paula AF, Fleury BG, Lages BG, Creed JC

Experimental evaluation of the effects of management of invasive corals on native communities

Prepress abstract


M 12139

Jungbluth MJ, Selph KE, Lenz PH, Goetze E

Species-specific grazing and significant trophic impacts by two species of copepod nauplii: Parvocalanus crassirostris and Bestiolina similis

Prepress abstract


M 12140

Ramos JE, Ramos-Rodríguez A, Bazzino-Ferreri G, Kurczyn JA, Rivas D, Salinas-Zavala CA

Characterization of the northernmost spawning habitat of Dosidicus gigas with implications on its northwards range extension

Prepress abstract


M 12141

Viladrich N, Bramanti L, Tsounis G, Martínez-Quitana A, Ferrier-Pagès C, Rossi S

Variation of lipid and free fatty acid contents during larval release in two temperate octocorals according to their trophic strategy

Prepress abstract


M 12142

Schulien JA, Peacock MB, Hayashi K, Raimondi P, Kudela RM

Phytoplankton and microbial abundance and bloom dynamics in the upwelling shadow of Monterey Bay, California from 2006-2013

Prepress abstract


M 12143

Thyrring J, Tremblay R, Sejr MK

Importance of ice algae and pelagic phytoplankton as food sources revealed by fatty acid trophic markers in a keystone species (Mytilus trossulus) from the High Arctic

Prepress abstract


M 12144

Pratte I, Robertson GJ, Mallory ML

Four sympatrically nesting auks show clear resource segregation in their foraging environment

Prepress abstract


M 12146

Levy Y, Keren T, Leader N, Weil G, Tchernov D, Gil R

Spatiotemporal hotspots of habitat use by loggerhead (Caretta caretta) and green (Chelonia mydas) sea turtles in the Levant basin as tools for conservation

Prepress abstract


M 12147

Powers SP, Grabowski JH, Roman H, Geggel A, Rouhani S, Oehrig J, Baker M

Consequences of large-scale salinity alteration during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on subtidal oyster populations

THEME SECTION: Response of nearshore ecosystems to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Prepress abstract


M 12149

Giron-Nava A, James CC, Johnson AF, Dannecker D, Kolody B, Lee A, Nagarkar M, Pao GM, Ye H, Johns DG, Sugihara G

A quantitative argument for long-term ecological monitoring

Prepress abstract


M 12151

Camprasse ECM, Cherel Y, Bustamante P, Arnould JPY, Bost CA

Intra- and inter-individual variation in the foraging ecology of a generalist subantarctic seabird, the Gentoo penguin

THEME SECTION: Individual variability in seabird foraging and migration

Prepress abstract


M 12152

Pechenik JA, Diederich CM, Chaparro OR, Montory JA, Paredes FJ, Franklin AM

Differences in resource allocation to reproduction across the intertidal-subtidal gradient for two suspension-feeding marine gastropods: Crepidula fornicata and Crepipatella peruviana

Prepress abstract


M 12153

de los Santos CB, Godbold JA, Solan M

Short-term growth and biomechanical responses of the temperate seagrass Cymodocea nodosa to CO2 enrichment

Prepress abstract


M 12154

Hasegawa T, Takatsuki N, Kawabata Y, Kawabe R, Nishihara GN, Ishimatsu A, Soyano K, Okamura K, Furukawa S, Yamada M, Shimoda M, Kinoshita T, Yamawaki N, Morii Y, Sakakura Y

Continuous behavioral observation reveals the function of drifting seaweeds for Seriola spp. juveniles

Prepress abstract


M 12155

Kumala L, Riisgård HU, Canfield DE

Osculum dynamics and filtration activity studied in small single-osculum explants of the demosponge Halichondria panicea

Prepress abstract


M 12156

Johnsen E, Rieucau G, Ona E, Skaret G

Collective structures anchor massive schools of lesser sandeel to the seabed increasing vulnerability to fishery

Prepress abstract


M 12158

Rice A, Deecke VB, Ford JKB, Pilkington JF, Oleson EM, Hildebrand JA, Širović A

Spatial and temporal occurrence of killer whale ecotypes off the outer coast of Washington State, USA

Prepress abstract


M 12159

Skilleter GA, Loneragan NR, Olds A, Zharikov Y, Cameron B

Connectivity between seagrass and mangroves influences nekton assemblages using nearshore habitats

Prepress abstract


M 12160

Schutte VGW, Byers JE

Variation in simple trait of mangrove roots governs predator access to, and assemblage composition of, epibiotic sponges

Prepress abstract


M 12161

Armitage CS, Husa V, Petelenz-Kurdziel EA, Sjøtun K

Growth and competition in a warmer ocean: A field experiment with a non-native and two native habitat-building seaweeds

Prepress abstract


M 12162

Regaudie-de_Gioux AR, Castagna A, Ferreira A, Abbrecht M, Braga ES, Ciotti AM

Influence of mixed upwelled waters on metabolic balance in a subtropical coastal ecosystem: São Sebastião Channel, southern Brazil

Prepress abstract


M 12163

Kough AS, Cronin H, Skubel R, Belak CA, Stoner AW

The efficacy of an established marine protected area at sustaining a queen conch Lobatus gigas population during three decades of monitoring

Prepress abstract


M 12164

Curtis JS, Wall KR, Albins MA, Stallings CD

Diet shifts in a native mesopredator across a range of invasive lionfish biomass

Prepress abstract


M 12165

Hardy N, Berry T, Kelaher BP, Goldsworthy SD, Bunce M, Coleman MA, Gillanders BM, Connell SD, Blewitt M, Figueira W

Assessing the trophic ecology of top predators across a recolonisation frontier using DNA metabarcoding of diets

Prepress abstract


M 12166

Sirot C, Grønkjær P, Pedersen JB, Panfili J, Zetina-Rejon M, Tripp-Valdez A, Ramos-Miranda J, Flores-Hernandez D, Sosa-Lopez A, Darnaude AM

Using otolith organic matter to detect diet shifts in Bardiella chrysoura, during a period of environmental changes

Prepress abstract


M 12167

Ford BM, Stewart BA, Roberts JD

Species pools and habitat complexity define west Australian marine fish community composition

Prepress abstract


M 12168

Powers KD, Wiley DN, Allyn AJ, Welch LJ, Ronconi RA

Movements and foraging habitats of great shearwaters Puffinus gravis in the Gulf of Maine

Prepress abstract


M 12169

Ladd MC, Shantz AA, Bartels E, Burkepile DE

Thermal stress reveals a genotype-specific tradeoff between growth and tissue loss in restored Acropora cervicornis

Prepress abstract


M 12170

Rodemann JR, Brandl SJ

Consumption pressure in coastal marine environments decreases with latitude and in artificial vs. natural habitats

Prepress abstract


M 12171

Kauppi L, Norkko J, Ikonen J, Norkko A

Seasonal variability in ecosystem functions: quantifying the contribution of invasive species to nutrient cycling in coastal ecosystems

Prepress abstract


M 12172

Bacheler NM, Geraldi NR, Burton ML, Muñoz RC, Kellison GT

Comparing relative abundance, lengths, and habitat of temperate reef fishes using simultaneous underwater visual census, video, and trap sampling

Prepress abstract


M 12173

Hof CAM, Smallwood E, Meager J, Bell IP

First citizen-science population abundance and growth rate estimates for green sea turtles Chelonia mydas foraging in the northern Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Prepress abstract


M 12174

Davis K, Carlson PM, Lowe CG, Warner RR, Caselle JE

Parrotfish movement patterns vary with spatiotemporal scale

Prepress abstract


M 12175

Shields JD, Huchin-Mian JP, O’Leary PA, Small HJ

New insight into the transmission dynamics of the crustacean pathogen Hematodinium perezi (Dinoflagellata) using a novel sentinel methodology

Prepress abstract


M 12177

Tagliafico A, Rudd D, Rangel MS, Kelaher BP, Christidis L, Cowden K, Scheffers SR, Benkendorff K

Lipid enriched diets reduce the impacts of thermal stress in corals

Prepress abstract


M 12178

Hornby CA, Iacozza J, Hoover C, Barber DG, Loseto LL

Beluga whale Delphinapterus leucas late summer habitat use and support for foraging areas in the Canadian Beaufort Sea

Prepress abstract


M 12179

Thyrring J, Jensen KT, Sejr MK

Gametogenesis of an intertidal population of Mytilus trossulus in NW Greenland: a limitation for potential Arctic range expansion?

Prepress abstract


M 12180

Hedger RD, Rikardsen AH, Strøm JF, Righton DA, Thorstad EB, Næsje TF

Diving behaviour of Atlantic salmon at sea: effects of light regimes and temperature stratification

Prepress abstract


M 12182

Broell F, McCain JSP, Taggart CT

Thermal time explains size-at-age variation in molluscs

Prepress abstract


M 12183

Perretti CT, Fogarty MJ, Friedland KD, Hare JA, Lucey SM, McBride RS, Miller TJ, Morse RE, O’Brien L, Pereira JJ, Smith LA, Wuenschel MJ

Regime shifts in fish recruitment on the Northeast US continental shelf

Prepress abstract


M 12184

Hamilton CD, Kovacs KM, Ims RA, Aars J, Strøm H, Lydersen C

Spatial overlap among an Arctic predator, prey and scavenger in the marginal ice zone

Prepress abstract


M 12185

Kaartvedt S, Røstad A, Aksnes DL

Changing weather causes behavioral responses in the lower mesopelagic

Prepress abstract


M 12186

Rosas-Luis R, Navarro J, Loor-Andrade P, Forero MG

Feeding ecology and trophic relationships of pelagic sharks and billfishes coexisting in the central eastern Pacific Ocean

Prepress abstract


M 12187

Stump KL, Crooks CJ, Fitchett MD, Gruber SH, Guttridge TL

Hunted hunters: an experimental test of the effects of predation risk on juvenile lemon shark habitat use

Prepress abstract


M 12188

Staaterman E, Ogburn MB, Altieri AH, Brandl SJ, Whippo R, Seemann J, Goodison M, Duffy JE

Bioacoustic measurements complement visual biodiversity surveys: preliminary evidence from four shallow marine habitats

Prepress abstract


M 12189

O’Hanlon NJ, McGill RAR, Nager RG

Increased use of intertidal resources benefits breeding success in a generalist gull species

Prepress abstract


M 12190

Delacy CR, Olsen A, Howey LA, Chapman DD, Brooks EJ, Bond ME

Affordable and accurate stereo-video system for measuring dimensions underwater: a case study using oceanic whitetip sharks Carcharhinus longimanus

Prepress abstract


M 12191

Jouma’a J, Le Bras Y, Picard B, Guinet C

Three-dimensional assessment of hunting strategies in a deep diving predator

Prepress abstract


M 12192

Christiansen JS

No future for Euro-Arctic ocean fishes?

Prepress abstract


M 12193

Schofield G, Papafitsoros K, Haughey R, Katselidis K

Aerial and underwater surveys reveal temporal variation in cleaning-station use by sea turtles at a temperate breeding area

Prepress abstract


M 12194

Sherker ZT, Ellrich JA, Scrosati RA

Predator-induced shell plasticity in mussels hinders predation by drilling snails

Prepress abstract


M 12195

Barnett LAK, Hennessey SM, Essington TE, Shelton AO, Feist BE, Branch TA, McClure MM

Getting to the bottom of fishery interactions with living habitats: spatiotemporal trends in disturbance of corals and sponges on the US west coast

Prepress abstract


M 12196

Rossi G, Tunnicliffe V

Trade-offs in a high CO2 habitat on a subsea volcano: condition and reproductive features of a bathymodioline mussel

Prepress abstract


M 12198

Onda H, Miller MJ, Takeshige A, Miyake Y, Kuroki M, Aoyama J, Kimura S

Vertical distribution and assemblage structure of leptocephali in the North Equatorial Current region of the western Pacific

Prepress abstract


M 12199

Eriksen E, Bogstad B, Dolgov A, Beck IM

Cod diet as an indicator of Ctenophora abundance dynamics in the Barents Sea

THEME SECTION: Jellyfish bloom research: advances and challenges

Prepress abstract


M 12200

Lyon BJ, Dwyer RG, Pillans RD, Campbell HA, Franklin CE

Distribution, seasonal movements and habitat utilisation of an endangered shark, Glyphis glyphis from northern Australia

Prepress abstract


M 12202

Haggarty DR, Lotterhos KE, Shurin JB

Young-of-the-year recruitment does not predict the abundance of older age classes in black rockfish in Barkley Sound, British Columbia

Prepress abstract


M 12205

Pierson JJ, L.Slater KL, Elliott D, Roman MR

Synergistic effects of seasonal deoxygenation and temperature truncate copepod vertical migration and distribution

Prepress abstract


M 12207

Turner BC, de Rivera CE, Hepner ME

Examining inducible defenses to novel predators across native and introduced populations

Prepress abstract


M 12208

Grabowski JH, Powers SP, Roman H, Rouhani S

Potential impacts of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on subtidal oysters in the Gulf of Mexico

THEME SECTION: Response of nearshore ecosystems to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Prepress abstract


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