Jellyfish bloom research: advances and challenges

Drawings by Ernesto Azzuro

Purcell JE
REVIEW: Successes and challenges in jellyfish ecology: examples from Aequorea spp.
MEPS TS JB5 av:2 | Full text in pdf format 

Feng S, Lin J, Sun S, Zhang F, Li C
Hyposalinity and incremental micro-zooplankton supply in early-developed Nemopilema nomurai polyp survival, growth, and podocyst reproduction
MEPS TS JB5 av:3 | Full text in pdf format 

Henschke N, Stock CA, Sarmiento JL
Modeling population dynamics of scyphozoan jellyfish (Aurelia spp.) in the Gulf of Mexico
MEPS TS JB5 av:4 | Full text in pdf format 


Bologna P, Gaynor JJ, Meredith R, Restaino D, Barry C
Stochastic event alters gelatinous zooplankton community structure: impacts of Hurricane Sandy in a Mid-Atlantic estuary
MEPS TS JB5 av:5 | Full text in pdf format 


Pires RFT, Cordeiro N, Dubert J, Marraccini A, Relvas P, dos Santos A
Untangling Velella velella (Cnidaria: Anthoathecatae) transport: a citizen science and oceanographic approach
MEPS TS JB5 av:6 | Full text in pdf format 


Heins A, Sötje I, Holst S
Assessment of investigation techniques for scyphozoan statoliths, with focus on early development of the jellyfish Sanderia malayensis
MEPS TS JB5 av:7 | Full text in pdf format 


Treible LM, Pitt KA, Klein SG, Condon RH
Exposure to elevated pCO2 does not exacerbate reproductive suppression of Aurelia aurita jellyfish polyps in low oxygen environments
MEPS TS JB5 av:8 | Full text in pdf format 


Schlaefer JA, Wolanski E, Kingsford MJ
Swimming behaviour can maintain localised jellyfish (Chironex fleckeri: Cubozoa) populations
MEPS TS JB5 av:9 | Full text in pdf format 


Decker MB, Robinson KL, Dorji S, Cieciel KD, Barceló C, Ruzicka JJ, Brodeur RD
Jellyfish and forage fish spatial overlap on the eastern Bering Sea shelf during periods of high and low jellyfish biomass
MEPS TS JB5 av:10 | Full text in pdf format 


Halsband C, Majaneva S, Hosia A, Emaus PA, Gaardsted F, Zhou Q, Nøst OA, Renaud PE
Jellyfish summer distribution, diversity and impact on fish farms in a Nordic fjord.
MEPS TS JB5 av:11 | Full text in pdf format 


Feng S, Wang SW, Sun S, Zhang F, Zhang GT, Liu MT, Uye S
Strobilation of three scyphozoans (Aurelia coelurea, Nemopilema nomurai, and Rhopilema esculentum) in the field at Jiaozhou Bay, China
MEPS TS JB5 av:12 | Full text in pdf format 


Purcell JE, Juhl AR, Mańko MK, Aumack CF
NOTE: Overwintering of gelatinous zooplankton in the coastal Arctic Ocean
MEPS TS JB5 av:13 | Full text in pdf format