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Excellence in Ecology: Book 18

Freshwater Ecosystems and the Carbon Cycle


Jonathan J. Cole


G. Evelyn Hutchinson Chair, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, 2801 Sharon Turnpike Box AB, Millbrook, New York 12545, USA

Recipient of the International Ecology Institute (ECI) Prize 2003 in limnetic ecology



Since the 1970s, Jonathan Cole has distinguished himself as an influential limnologist. His work is focused on microorganisms and carbon cycling in freshwater ecosystems, recently with particular attention to the exchange of carbon between freshwater and terrestrial systems, as well as with the atmosphere. He has been co-editor of and contributor to several important books on aquatic ecosystem research. In addition to his outstanding scientific work, Jon Cole plays a leading role as a manager of science, serving on numerous scientific committees, such as various panels of the National Science Foundation (USA). He has been very active in the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO; recently renamed the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography) as an organizer of special sessions at ASLO annual meetings, and he was President of ASLO from 2004 to 2006.


In EE Book 18, Jon Cole examines the role of freshwater ecosystems in the global carbon cycle and subsequently focuses on terrestrial subsidies to lake food webs. He analyzes the complex mechanisms responsible for converting allochthonous carbon into CO2 efflux to the atmosphere, and discusses the importance of lake sediments as the planet’s principal hotspots of carbon sequestration.



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Book 18: Freshwater Ecosystems and the Carbon Cycle by Jonathan J. Cole. 2013. XVII + 125 pp. ISSN 0932-2205,
ISBN 978-3-946729-18-1, ECI Price: €33 + Postage


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