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IR is established as a well-respected publisher of scientific journals and books. It is known for its high-quality publications, attention to detail in all matters and its professional and approachable staff.


Inter-Research (IR) started as a three-person operation based in Prof. Kinne’s private home, publishing one volume of Marine Ecology Progress Series per year. Naturally, all correspondence was via snail mail. Since then, IR has greatly expanded and evolved but remains a family-owned business, based in the small German village of Oldendorf/Luhe. The in-house staff directly involved with the publishing process has grown to over 25. From manuscript submission to online publication, almost all steps are handled in-house.


IR now publishes about 40 volumes each year—the combined output of eight journals covering a wide range of topics from marine ecology to science ethics.


IR is proud to continue pursuing Prof. Kinne’s goal of utmost rigour in scientific publishing. Prof. Kinne considered science to form part of the basis for how human societies develop—ultimately shaping our way of living and the survival of our species. Only science that meets the highest standards of quality control can provide the well-grounded knowledge to make appropriate decisions when planning our future.

Operating Philosophy and Value-Added Services
  • IR editorial policies and procedures conform to the recommendations of the Council of Science Editors. IR journals have achieved world-wide recognition as leaders in their respective fields of science. For example, according to the most recent assessment by, a non-commercial project that ranks journals by their influence, MEPS is No. 1 by Eigenfactor in both ISI categories Marine & Freshwater Biology and Oceanography.
  • IR employs more staff and invests more effort and money for evaluating, selecting and improving submitted manuscripts than most other publishers - commercial, institutional or society based.
  • IR does not compromise quality and standard of presentation of its publications, nor does it outsource its work to save costs. Nearly all IR production staff – editorial and administrative assistants, copyeditors and typesetters - are located at the IR offices in Oldendorf/Luhe, Germany.
Non-Profit Services to the Scientific Community
  • IR spends a considerable percentage of its revenue on support for science, education and ethics. For example, IR sponsors the International Ecology Institute (ECI), a non-profit organization of research ecologists dedicated to fostering ecological awareness. By publishing Excellence in Ecology, the ECI provides a platform for leading research ecologists –– the recipients of the ECI Prize –– to present overviews of their fields of professional competence. In this way they share with a large readership their own views on current ecological issues as well as their insights into the ecological realities that form the framework for the sustained existence and development of humanity.
  • IR sponsors the Karl-Ritter-von-Frisch Medaille of the Deutsche Zoologische Gesellschaft (German Zoological Society).
  • IR supports the Otto Kinne Foundation (OKF) which provides financial assistance for promising young environmental scientists in Eastern European countries.
  • IR makes available (online) its entire back catalog of journal articles (5 years after publication), and many of its books, without charge.
  • IR makes broadly-relevant Theme Sections and Feature Articles available as online Open Access documents.