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Aquatic Biology

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AB - Vol. 13 - Feature article
Sorting the night's catch at a fishing village by Lake Baikal
Photo: Otto Grahl-Nielsen.

Grahl-Nielsen O, Averina E, Pronin N, Radnaeva L, Käkelä R


Fatty acid profiles in different fish species in Lake Baikal


We have determined the fatty acid profiles in the heart and white muscle in 11 species, one of them in 3 ecoforms, out of the 56 fish species in Lake Baikal, among them the endemic species big and small golomyanka and omul. The omul, with its high quality meat, is the most important commercial species of the lake. The fatty acid profiles were species specific, and parallelled the taxonomic distinction between the species. Thus, evolutionary history and endogenous factors appear to be more important than diet and temperature in determining differences in fatty acid composition of the tissues among species. Differences in gene expression might be an important factor in explaining the within-species differences in fatty acid profiles of fish from Lake Baikal as well as from other lakes in general.

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