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Aquatic Biology

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AB - Vol. 20, No. 3 - Table of contents

AB - Vol. 20, No. 3 - Table of contents

Aquat Biol (Print ISSN: 1864-7782; Online ISSN: 1864-7790)
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Zhang Y, Zhang J, Wang L, Lu D, Cai D, Wang B
Influences of dispersal and local environmental factors on stream macroinvertebrate communities in Qinjiang River, Guangxi, China
AB 20:185-194 | More Information... | Full text in pdf format

Archer SK, Crowl TA
Retention of learned predator recognition in an endangered sucker Chasmistes liorus liorus
AB 20:195-202 | Full text in pdf format

Nho SW, Jang HB, Cha IS, Park SB, Kim YK, Fagutao FF, Yu JE, Jung TS
Identification and classification of the principal microflora of the sea pineapple Halocynthia roretzi using MALDI biotyping and 16S rRNA analysis
AB 20:203-208 | Full text in pdf format

Zhang W, Lin Y, He C, Cao W, Huang J, Zheng L, Yang W, Wang Y
Hyperiid amphipod communities and the seasonal distribution of water masses in eastern Beibu Gulf, South China Sea
AB 20:209-217 | Full text in pdf format

Koeck B, Tessier A, Brind'Amour A, Pastor J, Bijaoui B, Dalias N, Astruch P, Saragoni G, Lenfant P
Functional differences between fish communities on artificial and natural reefs: a case study along the French Catalan coast
AB 20:219-234 | Full text in pdf format

Bustos RL, Daneri GA, Volpedo AV, Harrington A, Varela EA
Diet of the South American sea lion Otaria flavescens during the summer season at Río Negro, Patagonia, Argentina
AB 20:235-243 | Full text in pdf format

Brugnano C, Granata A, Guglielmo L, Minutoli R, Zagami G
Fecundity and development of the bentho-pelagic copepod Pseudocyclops umbraticus: effects of temperature
AB 20:245-254 | Full text in pdf format

Tessier A, Verdoit-Jarraya M, Blouet S, Dalias N, Lenfant P
A case study of artificial reefs as a potential tool for maintaining artisanal fisheries in the French Mediterranean Sea
AB 20:255-272 | Full text in pdf format