Top left: Octopus mimus from the Antofagasta coastal zone, Chile (subtropical environment); bottom right: O. maya from the continental shelf of the Yucatán Peninsula (tropical).
Photos: A. Olivares & C. Rosas

Linares M, Caamal-Monsreal C, Olivares A, Sánchez A, Rodríguez S, Zúñiga O, Pascual C, Gallardo P, Rosas C


Timing of digestion, absorption and assimilation in octopus species from tropical (Octopus maya) and subtropical-temperate (O. mimus) ecosystems


Linares et al. describe, for the first time, the digestive physiology during the digestion process of Octopus mimus and O. maya. Data on chyme volume, enzyme dynamics and deposit of nutrients in the tissue are reported, and help elucidate how the environment modulates the digestive physiology of species from subtropical and tropical environments. This study also provides basic information needed to formulate diets for these octopus species in culture conditions.


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