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Aquatic Biology

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AB 30:59-68 (2021)  -  DOI:

Simple method for long-term recording of electrocardiogram signals in prawns

Han-Tso Lin1,*,#, Tsen-Chien Chen2,#, Jun-Ping Chang3, Zin-Yan Chou3, Shian-Yu Chiou3, Meng-Li Tsai3

1Department of Biotechnology, Ming Chuang University, Taoyuan City 33348, Taiwan
2Department of Leisure Management, Minghsin University of Science and Technology, Hsinchu County 30401, Taiwan
3Department of Biomechatronic Engineering, National Ilan University, Yilan County 26047, Taiwan
*Corresponding author:
#These authors contributed equally to this work

ABSTRACT: This paper presents a novel approach to the long-term recording of electrocardiogram (ECG) signals in prawns, including a 3-lead electrode, a lightweight external wires assembly, a waterproof electrode-wire junction, and a standardized implanting procedure. The proposed low-cost device is easily constructed, even by untrained undergraduate students, using common laboratory materials. Consistent ECG recordings were obtained over a period of 72 h in experiments on 6 freely moving prawns (Macrobrachium rosenbergii). A subsequent experiment conducted continuously for 38 d revealed that despite gradual attenuation the ECG signals could still be identified (signal-to-noise ratio ≥3). The prawns survived implantation and later underwent natural molting, whereupon the electrode was successfully re-implanted. The proposed electrode is a valuable tool by which to gain insight into the long-term physiological state of crustaceans.

KEY WORDS: Electrocardiogram · Crustaceans · Giant river prawn · Macrobrachium rosenbergii · Cardiac arrest

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Cite this article as: Lin HT, Chen TC, Chang JP, Chou ZY, Chiou SY, Tsai ML (2021) Simple method for long-term recording of electrocardiogram signals in prawns. Aquat Biol 30:59-68.

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