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Aquaculture Environment Interactions

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AEI - Vol. 5, No. 1 - Table of contents

AEI - Vol. 5, No. 1 - Table of contents

Aquacult Environ Interact (Print ISSN: 1869-215X; Online ISSN: 1869-7534)
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All articles of this Volume are available with Open Access, compliments of Inter-Research.
Serra-Llinares RM, Bjørn PA, Finstad B, Nilsen R, Harbitz A, Berg M, Asplin L
Salmon lice infection on wild salmonids in marine protected areas: an evaluation of the Norwegian ‘National Salmon Fjords’
AEI 5:1-16 | More Information... | Full text in pdf format

Mirto S, Arigò C, Genovese L, Pusceddu A, Gambi C, Danovaro R
Nematode assemblage response to fish-farm impact in vegetated (Posidonia oceanica) and non-vegetated habitats
AEI 5:17-28 | Full text in pdf format

Bannister RJ, Valdemarsen T, Hansen PK, Holmer M, Ervik A
Changes in benthic sediment conditions under an Atlantic salmon farm at a deep, well-flushed coastal site
AEI 5:29-47 | Full text in pdf format

Pert CC, Fryer RJ, Cook P, Kilburn R, McBeath S, McBeath A, Matejusova I, Urquhart K, Weir SJ, McCarthy U, Collins C, Amundrud T, Bricknell IR
Using sentinel cages to estimate infestation pressure on salmonids from sea lice in Loch Shieldaig, Scotland
AEI 5:49-59 | Full text in pdf format

Beirão J, Purchase CF, Wringe BF, Fleming IA
Wild Atlantic cod sperm motility is negatively affected by ovarian fluid of farmed females
AEI 5:61-70 | Full text in pdf format

Brigolin D, Meccia VL, Venier C, Tomassetti P, Porrello S, Pastres R
Modelling biogeochemical fluxes across a Mediterranean fish cage farm
AEI 5:71-88 | Full text in pdf format

Bruno DW, Noguera PA, Black J, Murray W, Macqueen DJ, Matejusova I
Identification of a wild reservoir of salmonid alphavirus in common dab Limanda limanda, with emphasis on virus culture and sequencing
AEI 5:89-98 | Full text in pdf format