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Aquatic Microbial Ecology

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AME 09:259-266 (1995)  -  DOI:

A simple method for the quantification of a class of labile marine pico- and nano-sized detritus: DAPI Yellow Particles (DYP)

Mostajir B, Dolan JR, Rassoulzadegan F

A simple and rapid method for microscopic quantification of an abundant class of labile pico- and nano-sized detrital particles (0.2 to 20 um), using the fluorochrome stain DAPI, is described. Using an appropriate UV-filter set, examination of DAPI-stained samples revealed not only blue (DNA-containing) but also yellow particulate matter. We showed that DAPI yellow fluorescing particles resembled detritus made from plankton tow material or copepod faecal pellets and were almost exclusively organic, enzyme-degradable matter. Quantification of the total surface area of these particles in the Ligurian Sea (NW Mediterranean) revealed stocks averaging 80 mm2 l-1 in surface layer waters. The possible origin and fate of these pico- and nano-sized DAPI Yellow Particles (DYP) are discussed.

Detrital particles . Detritus . Staining . DAPI Yellow Particles (DYP)

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