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Aquatic Microbial Ecology

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AME - Vol. 73, No. 2 - Table of contents

AME - Vol. 73, No. 2 - Table of contents

Aquat Microb Ecol (Print ISSN: 0948-3055; Online ISSN: 1616-1564)
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del Valle DA, Karl DM
Aerobic production of methane from dissolved water-column methylphosphonate and sinking particles in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre
AME 73:93-105 | More Information... | Full text in pdf format

Luria CM, Ducklow HW, Amaral-Zettler LA
Marine bacterial, archaeal and eukaryotic diversity and community structure on the continental shelf of the western Antarctic Peninsula
AME 73:107-121 | Full text in pdf format

Cowie ROM, Williams GJ, Maas EW, Voyles KM, Ryan KG
Antarctic sea-ice microbial communities show distinct patterns of zonation in response to algal-derived substrates
AME 73:123-134 | Full text in pdf format

Tuo Sh, Chen YLL, Chen HY
Low nitrate availability promotes diatom diazotroph associations in the marginal seas of the western Pacific
AME 73:135-150 | Full text in pdf format

Sonthiphand P, Neufeld JD
Nitrifying bacteria mediate aerobic ammonia oxidation and urea hydrolysis within the Grand River
AME 73:151-162 | Full text in pdf format

Fielding SR
Emiliania huxleyi population growth rate response to light and temperature: a synthesis
AME 73:163-170 | Full text in pdf format

Tomaru Y, Kimura K, Yamaguchi H
Temperature alters algicidal activity of DNA and RNA viruses infecting Chaetoceros tenuissimus
AME 73:171-183 | Full text in pdf format