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Aquatic Microbial Ecology

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AME - Vol. 76, No. 3 - Table of contents

AME - Vol. 76, No. 3 - Table of contents

Aquat Microb Ecol (Print ISSN: 0948-3055; Online ISSN: 1616-1564)
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Cottrell MT, del Giorgio PA, Kirchman DL
Biogeography of globally distributed bacteria in temperate and boreal Québec lakes as revealed by tag pyrosequencing of 16S rRNA genes
AME 76:175-188 | Full text in pdf format

Stocker R
REVIEW: The 100 µm length scale in the microbial ocean
AME 76:189-194 | Full text in pdf format
AME Special 5: 'SAME 13: progress and perspectives in aquatic microbial ecology'

Tsai AY, Gong GC, Shiau W
Impact of short-term warming on seasonal variations in bacterial growth, grazing, and viral lysis in coastal waters of Taiwan
AME 76:195-205 | Full text in pdf format

Yuan X, Zhou W, Huang H, Yuan T, Li X, Yue W, Gao Y, Liu S, Pan G, Liu H, Yin K, Harrison PJ
Bacterial influence on chromophoric dissolved organic matter in coastal waters of the northern South China Sea
AME 76:207-217 | Full text in pdf format

Gerea M, Saad JF, Izaguirre I, Queimaliños C, Gasol JM, Unrein F
Presence, abundance and bacterivory of the mixotrophic algae Pseudopedinella (Dictyochophyceae) in freshwater environments
AME 76:219-232 | Full text in pdf format

Shivers SD, Opsahl SP, Covich AP
Microbial bioavailability of dissolved organic carbon from leachates of freshwater autotrophs
AME 76:233-241 | Full text in pdf format

Grösbacher M, Spicher C, Bayer A, Obst M, Karwautz C, Pilloni G, Wachsmann M, Scherb H, Griebler C
Organic contamination versus mineral properties: competing selective forces shaping bacterial community assembly in aquifer sediments
AME 76:243-255 | More Information... | Full text in pdf format