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CR 05:49-52 (1995)  -  DOI:

Strategies for revegetation of disturbed gravel areas in climate stressed subarctic environments with special reference to Churchill, Manitoba, Canada: a literature review

Firlotte N, Staniforth RJ

In the vicinity of Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, dry heath tundra is restricted to elevated gravel deposits such as beach ridges and eskers. These sites have been utilized for gravel excavation and extraction as well as for building and road construction. Vast areas of open gravel resulting from human activities scar the landscape and reduce the amount of undisturbed dry heath tundra. When left alone these gravel areas may remain devoid of vegetation for many decades due to the severity of the climate. Nothing has been done to restore them to their pre-disturbance vegetation cover. Their soils are characterized by low nutrient availability, poor moisture retention capabilities and limited seed banks. The current paper reviews literature regarding manipulation of chemical and physical properties of gravel substrates in order to facilitate the development of cover by native plants. A planned revegetation project is presented. This project would provide ecological and aesthetic benefits as well as enhance conservation and tourism in the area.

Revegetation · Tundra · Gravel · Colonization

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