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Clim Res (Print ISSN: 0936-577X; Online ISSN: 1616-1572)
Copyright © 1995 Inter-Research
Published June 22

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Stehr N, von Storch H
The social construct of climate and climate change
CR 5:99-105 | Full text in pdf format

Peng CH, Guiot J, van Campo E
Reconstruction of past terrestrial carbon storage in the Northern Hemisphere from the Osnabrück Biosphere Model and palaeodata
CR 5:107-118 | Full text in pdf format

Kramer K
Modelling comparison to evaluate the importance of phenology for the effects of climate change on growth of temperate-zone deciduous trees
CR 5:119-130 | Full text in pdf format

Nullet D, Juvik JO, Wall A
A Hawaiian mountain climate cross-section
CR 5:131-137 | Full text in pdf format

McCabe GJ Jr
Relations between winter atmospheric circulation and annual streamflow in the western United States
CR 5:139-148 | Full text in pdf format

Soulé PT, Yin ZY
Short- to long-term trends in hydrologic drought conditions in the contiguous United States
CR 5:149-157 | Full text in pdf format

Konrad CE II
Maximum precipitation rates in the southern Blue Ridge Mountains of the southeastern United States
CR 5:159-166 | Full text in pdf format

Goldreich Y
Temporal variations of rainfall in Israel
CR 5:167-179 | Full text in pdf format