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CR 06:275-281 (1996)  -  DOI:

Severe rainstorms in the Vidarbha subdivision of Maharashtra State, India

Kulkarni BD, Nandargi S

This paper discusses the results of Depth-Area-Duration (DAD) analysis of the 8 most severe rainstorms that affected the Vidarbha subdivision of Maharashtra State, India, during the 100 yr period from 1891 to 1990. It was found from this analysis that rainstorms in June 1908, July 1930 and August 1912 yielded greater raindepths for smaller areas, i.e. <=1000 km2 and <=25000 km2, and that the August 1986 rainstorm yielded greater raindepths for all the larger areas, for measurement periods of 1 to 3 days. The DAD raindepths of these severe rainstorms for different durations will be useful for the design storm estimates of different water resources projects in the Vidarbha region, as well as for checking the spillway capacity of existing dams.

Rainstorm · Depth-Area-Duration (DAD) · Probable maximum precipitation (PMP)

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