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CR 09:73-79 (1997)  -  DOI:

Assessment of impacts of a potential sea-level rise on the coast of Montevideo, Uruguay

Andrés Saizar*

Uruguay Climate Change Country Study, Comisión Nacional sobre el Cambio Global, Ciudadela 1414 piso 6, 11100 Montevideo, Uruguay

In this study, sea-level rise scenarios derived from a potential climate change were considered and the physical impacts on the coast of Montevideo, Uruguay, under each scenario were determined. The Bruun Rule was used to calculate coastal erosion. The impacts under a 'no action' response were first assessed. Land and coastal construction loss as well as the effects on infrastructure, such as the sewer system and the port, were evaluated. Inundation along the streams which discharge at the coast was qualitatively assessed. The associated costs were estimated. In addition, possible active responses were identified and their costs were estimated. Costs and benefits of each response option, including the 'no action' option, are discussed in the paper, concluding on the need for planning of anticipatory measures.

Sea-level rise · Coastal erosion · Vulnerability · Adaptation · Bruun Rule · Río de la Plata · Montevideo

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