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Clim Res (Print ISSN: 0936-577X; Online ISSN: 1616-1572)
Copyright © 1999 Inter-Research
Published December 10

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Adams RM, Chen CC, McCarl BA, Weiher RF
The economic consequences of ENSO events for agriculture
CR 13:165-172 | Full text in pdf format

Osborn TJ, Conway D, Hulme M, Gregory JM, Jones PD
Air flow influences on local climate: observed and simulated mean relationships for the United Kingdom
CR 13:173-191 | Full text in pdf format

Klink K
Trends in mean monthly maximum and minimum surface wind speeds in the coterminous United States, 1961 to 1990
CR 13:193-205 | Full text in pdf format

Lennartson GJ, Schwartz MD
A synoptic climatology of surface-level ozone in Eastern Wisconsin, USA
CR 13:207-220 | Full text in pdf format

Lineback N, Dellinger T, Shienvold LF, Witcher B, Reynolds A, Brown LE
Industrial greenhouse gas emissions: Does CO2 from combustion of biomass residue for energy really matter?
CR 13:221-229 | Full text in pdf format

Kabanda TA, Jury MR
Inter-annual variability of short rains over northern Tanzania
CR 13:231-241 | Full text in pdf format