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Clim Res (Print ISSN: 0936-577X; Online ISSN: 1616-1572)
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Published June 18

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Qian B, Gameda S, Hayhoe H, De Jong R, Bootsma A
Comparison of LARS-WG and AAFC-WG stochastic weather generators for diverse Canadian climates
CR 26:175-191 | Full article in pdf format

Dawson R, Wei R, Tao S, Ito Y, Yamanaka K, Haraguchi H
Analysis of silicon concentration periodicity for the past 2.4 Ma in sediments from Lake Baikal site BDP 96-2
CR 26:193-197 | Full article in pdf format

Usman MT, Reason CJC
Dry spell frequencies and their variability over southern Africa
CR 26:199-211 | Full article in pdf format

Saaroni H, Maza E, Ziv B
Summer sea breeze, under suppressive synoptic forcing, in a hyper-arid city: Eilat, Israel
CR 26:213-220 | Full article in pdf format

Skaugen TE, Tveito OE
Growing-season and degree-day scenario in Norway for 2021-2050
CR 26:221-232 | Full article in pdf format

Timbal B
Southwest Australia past and future rainfall trends
CR 26:233-249 | Full article in pdf format

López-Victoria M, Zea S
Storm-mediated coral colonization by an excavating Caribbean sponge
CR 26:251-256 | Full article in pdf format