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CR 36:17-28 (2008)  -  DOI:

Ice regime dynamics in the Nemunas River, Lithuania

E. Stonevicius*, G. Stankunavicius, K. Kilkus

Department of Hydrology and Climatology of Vilnius University, M. K. Ciurlionio St. 21/27, 03101 Vilnius, Lithuania

ABSTRACT: Ice cover persistence in the lower reaches of the Nemunas River has decreased during the last 150 yr. The variation in the river freeze- and break-up dates is related to climatic variables. The significance of the negative break-up trend exceeds that of the positive freeze-up trend. Low-frequency large-scale atmospheric circulation patterns such as the North Atlantic Oscillation and Arctic Oscillation (NAO/AO) appear to have more influence on the break-up date than on the freeze-up date. Different classification methods applied to the atmospheric patterns prevailing in the early freeze-up events reveal similar results; however, differences arising between classifications are attributable to non-persistent and high frequency patterns.

KEY WORDS: River ice cover · Freeze up · Break up · Atmospheric forcing

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Cite this article as: Stonevicius E, Stankunavicius G, Kilkus K (2008) Ice regime dynamics in the Nemunas River, Lithuania. Clim Res 36:17-28.

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