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CR - Vol. 43, No. 1-2 - Table of contents

CR - Vol. 43, No. 1-2 - Table of contents

Clim Res (Print ISSN: 0936-577X; Online ISSN: 1616-1572)
Copyright © 2010 Inter-Research. Published August 05


Climate and evolutionary physiology
Editors: Cino Pertoldi, Torsten N. Kristensen, Nils Chr. Stenseth

CR SPECIAL 21 focuses on the ability of communities and populations to respond to environmental changes; contributions analyze the responses of zooplankton, insects and vertebrates to changes in temperature and its variability, as well as the different mechanisms affecting such responses.

We are pleased to make the online version of this CR SPECIAL available with Open Access.

Full text in pdf format

Pertoldi C, Kristensen TN, Stenseth NChr
Full text in pdf format

Chown SL, Hoffmann AA, Kristensen TN, Angilletta MJ Jr, Stenseth NC, Pertoldi C
Adapting to climate change: a perspective from evolutionary physiology
CR 43:3-15 | Full text in pdf format

Fischer K, Karl I
Exploring plastic and genetic responses to temperature variation using copper butterflies
CR 43:17-30 | Full text in pdf format

Tejedo M, Marangoni F, Pertoldi C, Richter-Boix A, Laurila A, Orizaola G, Nicieza AG, Álvarez D, Gomez-Mestre I
Contrasting effects of environmental factors during larval stage on morphological plasticity in post-metamorphic frogs
CR 43:31-39 | Full text in pdf format

Bahrndorff S, Mariën J, Loeschcke V, Ellers J
Genetic variation in heat resistance and HSP70 expression in inbred isofemale lines of the springtail Orchesella cincta
CR 43:41-47 | Full text in pdf format

Kjærsgaard A, Faurby S, Krag K, Loeschcke V, Pertoldi C
Temperature-maternal age interactions on wing traits in outbred Drosophila mercatorum
CR 43:49-56 | Full text in pdf format

Joubert D, Bijlsma R
Interplay between habitat fragmentation and climate change: inbreeding affects the response to thermal stress in Drosophila melanogaster
CR 43:57-70 | Full text in pdf format

Trotta V, Pertoldi C, Rudoy A, Manenti T, Cavicchi S, Guerra D
Thermal plasticity of wing size and shape in Drosophila melanogaster, D. simulans and their hybrids
CR 43:71-79 | Full text in pdf format

Van Doorslaer W, Stoks R, Swillen I, Feuchtmayr H, Atkinson D, Moss B, De Meester L
Experimental thermal microevolution in community-embedded Daphnia populations
CR 43:81-89 | Full text in pdf format

de Jong MA, Kesbeke FMNH, Brakefield PM, Zwaan BJ
Geographic variation in thermal plasticity of life history and wing pattern in Bicyclus anynana
CR 43:91-102 | Full text in pdf format

Rezende EL, Balanyà J, Rodríguez-Trelles F, Rego C, Fragata I, Matos M, Serra L, Santos M
Climate change and chromosomal inversions in Drosophila subobscura
CR 43:103-114 | Full text in pdf format

Scharf I, Bauerfeind SS, Blanckenhorn WU, Schäfer MA
Effects of maternal and offspring environmental conditions on growth, development and diapause in latitudinal yellow dung fly populations
CR 43:115-125 | Full text in pdf format

Kjærsgaard A, Demontis D, Kristensen TN, Le N, Faurby S, Pertoldi C, Sørensen JG, Loeschcke V
Locomotor activity of Drosophila melanogaster in high temperature environments: plastic and evolutionary responses
CR 43:127-134 | Full text in pdf format

Canale CI, Henry PY
Adaptive phenotypic plasticity and resilience of vertebrates to increasing climatic unpredictability
CR 43:135-147 | Full text in pdf format