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CR 55:53-63 (2012)  -  DOI:

Temperature trends in Hong Kong from a seasonal perspective

H. S. Chan*, M. H. Kok, T. C. Lee

Hong Kong Observatory, 134A Nathan Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR

ABSTRACT: We examined the seasonal trends of mean and extreme temperatures in Hong Kong using data from 1885−2010. The analysis revealed that the daily maximum temperature (TMax), daily mean temperature (TMean), and daily minimum temperature (TMin) of Hong Kong had a significant long-term increasing trend in all 4 seasons and that the warming trend was more prominent in winter and spring. The relatively higher rate of increase in temperatures in winter and spring could be attributed to local urbanization effects and the weakening of the East Asian winter monsoon in the last few decades. For extreme indices, we observed a significant increase in the hot indices (TN90p and TX90p) and a significant decrease in the cold indices (TX10p and TN10p) in all seasons. The seasonal variations in the heating and cooling degree-days (HDD and CDD) also indicated that CDD in spring, summer, and autumn had a significant increasing trend, while HDD in spring, autumn and winter had a decreasing trend. Analysis of the hot and cool periods in Hong Kong showed a significant decreasing (increasing) trend in the number of cool (hot) days. Also, the cool (hot) period has become shorter (longer) over the last century.

KEY WORDS: Hong Kong · Seasonal temperature trends · Heating degree day · Cooling degree day · Extreme indices

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Cite this article as: Chan HS, Kok MH, Lee TC (2012) Temperature trends in Hong Kong from a seasonal perspective. Clim Res 55:53-63.

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