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Blenkinsop S, Harpham C, Burton A, Goderniaux P, Brouyère S, Fowler HJ
Downscaling transient climate change with a stochastic weather generator for the Geer catchment, Belgium
CR 57:95-109 | Full text in pdf format

Malinovic-Milicevic S, Mihailovic DT, Lalic B, Dreskovic N
Thermal environment and UV-B radiation indices in the Vojvodina region, Serbia
CR 57:111-121 | Full text in pdf format

Fei J, Lai ZP, Zhang DD, He HM
Extreme sea ice events in the Chinese marginal seas during the past 2000 years
CR 57:123-132 | Full text in pdf format

Harris JBC, Yong DL, Sodhi NS, Subaraj R, Fordham DA, Brook BW
Changes in autumn arrival of long-distance migratory birds in Southeast Asia
CR 57:133-141 | Full text in pdf format

Chen Y, Zhai P
Persistent extreme precipitation events in China during 1951-2010
CR 57:143-155 | Full text in pdf format

Labosier CF, Quiring SM
REVIEW: Hydroclimatology of the Southeastern USA
CR 57:157-171 | Full text in pdf format