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Diseases of Aquatic Organisms

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DAO 108:53-60 (2014)  -  DOI:

Occurrence of tumour (odontoma) in marine fish Sphyraena jello from the southeast coast of India

R. Vijayakumar, A. Gopalakrishnan*, K. Raja, K. Sinduja

Centre of Advanced Study in Marine Biology, Annamalai University, Parangipettai, Tamil Nadu, India
*Corresponding author:

ABSTRACT: We examined the occurrence of odontoma in the marine fish Sphyraena jello sourced from 3 different landing centers (Cuddalore, Parangipettai and Nagapattinam) in Tamil Nadu (southeast India). A total of 19783 fishes were examined for odontoma presence, of which 2393 were affected with odontoma. The overall prevalence was 12.1% among the 3 stations. Fish landed at Parangipettai showed the highest peak prevalence of odontoma (16.8%) during the pre-monsoon, followed by Nagapatinam (9.1%) during summer 2011. The tumour lengths in premaxilla, supermaxilla and dentary bone were 1.1-3.6, 1.4-5.9 and 1.2-4.1 cm, respectively, and tumour widths were 0.3-1.9, 0.7-3.1 and 0.5-1.9 cm. Higher prevalence (0.206%) of tongue tumour along with odontoma was observed at Nagapattinam whereas it was lower (0.162%) at Cuddalore. Odontoma histopathology showed dense fibrous tissue with fine teeth roots. TEM analysis showed virus-like particles associated with odontoma. Radiography of the odontoma showed that the tumour masses were bony in nature and tissues were merged with upper and lower jaw. 

KEY WORDS: Pickhandle barracuda · Histopathology · Odontoma · Prevalence · Radiography · Tumour · Viral particles

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Cite this article as: Vijayakumar R, Gopalakrishnan A, Raja K, Sinduja K (2014) Occurrence of tumour (odontoma) in marine fish Sphyraena jello from the southeast coast of India. Dis Aquat Org 108:53-60.

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