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Diseases of Aquatic Organisms

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DAO 112:149-159 (2014)  -  DOI:

Genetically divergent Symbiodinium sp. display distinct molecular responses to pathogenic Vibrio and thermal stress

Briana Hauff1,2,*, James M. Cervino3, Joshua A. Haslun1,2, Nancy Krucher4, Andrew M. Wier4, Alexandra L. Mannix5, Konrad Hughen3, Kevin B. Strychar

1Michigan State University, Department of Zoology, East Lansing, MI 48824, USA
2Annis Water Resources Institute-Grand Valley State University, Muskegon, MI 49441, USA
3Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Department of Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry, Woods Hole, MA 02543, USA
4Pace University, Department of Biological Sciences, Pleasantville, NY 10038, USA
5Florida State University College of Medicine, Tallahassee, FL 32306, USA
*Corresponding author:

ABSTRACT: Global climate change and anthropogenic activities are threatening the future survival of coral reef ecosystems. The ability of reef-building zooxanthellate coral to survive these stressors may be determined through fundamental differences within their symbiotic dinoflagellates (Symbiodinium sp.). We define the in vitro apoptotic response of 2 evolutionarily distant Symbiodinium sp., subtypes B2 and C1, to determine the synergistic effects of disease and temperature on cell viability using flow cytometry. The putative yellow band disease (YBD) consortium of Vibrio spp. bacteria and temperature (33°C) had a positive synergistic effect on C1 apoptosis, while B2 displayed increased apoptosis to elevated temperature (29 and 33°C), the Vibrio consortium, and a lone virulent strain of V. alginolyticus, but no synergistic effects. Additionally, heat shock protein 60 expression revealed differential cell-mediated temperature sensitivity between subtypes via western blotting. This result marks the first evidence of Symbiodinium sp. apoptotic variations to YBD pathogens and emphasizes the potential impact of synergistic stress on globally distributed coral-Symbiodinium symbioses.

KEY WORDS: Coral · Apoptosis · Yellow band disease · YBD · Zooxanthellae · B2 · C1 · Heat shock protein 60 · HSP60

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Cite this article as: Hauff B, Cervino JM, Haslun JA, Krucher N and others (2014) Genetically divergent Symbiodinium sp. display distinct molecular responses to pathogenic Vibrio and thermal stress. Dis Aquat Org 112:149-159.

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