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Diseases of Aquatic Organisms

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DAO 132:57-78 (2018)  -  DOI:

Putative histiocytic sarcoma in redfin needlefish Strongylura notata (Beloniformes: Belonidae) in Florida, USA

Yasunari Kiryu*, Jan H. Landsberg, Micah D. Bakenhaster, Amanda J. Tyler-Jedlund, Patrick W. Wilson

Fish and Wildlife Research Institute, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, St. Petersburg, Florida 33701, USA
*Corresponding author:

ABSTRACT: Redfin needlefish Strongylura notata from Florida coastal waters were observed with unusual neoplastic lesions. Affected specimens were collected from 1 Atlantic estuary (Indian River Lagoon, prevalence = 0.32%, n = 5314) and 2 Gulf of Mexico estuaries (Tampa Bay, prevalence = 0.02%, n = 10762; Charlotte Harbor, prevalence = 0.02%, n = 5112) during routine fisheries-independent monitoring surveys conducted from 1999-2009. Grossly, each lesion manifested as a large (18-30 mm × 20-50 mm), raised (approximately 10 mm), white, creamy, or pinkish nodule on the flank, dorsal trunk, base of the pectoral fin, or head. Multiple small (<5 mm) nodules possessing poorly demarcated borders with neighboring tissues on the external jaw surface and at the base of the teeth were also observed. Histopathologically, neoplastic cells were found in the dermis, beneath the skeletal muscle, and in the soft tissue at the base of teeth of the premaxilla and the dentary jaw processes. Neoplastic cells usually had prominently invaded among the myosepta of the skeletal muscle. Neoplastic parenchymal cells had the basic characteristics of atypical, mononuclear, round, histiocytic cells with an eccentric, reniform nucleus and abundant cytoplasmic vacuolation, while some exhibited bizarre nuclear pleomorphism. Transmission electron microscopy revealed that neoplastic cells had a grooved nucleus and cytoplasmic organelles with rough endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria, Golgi apparatus, and lysosomes. Neoplastic cells had possibly metastasized to liver, spleen, and kidney. Positive immunohistochemical staining with Ki67, p53, S-100, and CD163 support neoplastic features and a putative diagnosis of histiocytic sarcoma.

KEY WORDS: Histiocytic sarcoma · Redfin needlefish · Hematopoietic neoplasm · Tumor · Florida · Indian River Lagoon · Immunohistochemistry · Transmission electron microscopy

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Cite this article as: Kiryu Y, Landsberg JH, Bakenhaster MD, Tyler-Jedlund AJ, Wilson PW (2018) Putative histiocytic sarcoma in redfin needlefish Strongylura notata (Beloniformes: Belonidae) in Florida, USA. Dis Aquat Org 132:57-78.

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