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Diseases of Aquatic Organisms

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DAO - Vol. 142 - Table of contents

DAO - Vol. 142 - Table of contents

Dis Aquat Org (Print ISSN: 0177-5103; Online ISSN: 1616-1580)
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Agnihotri K, Chong R, Underwood D, Kistler C, Hutchison M
Betanodavirus infection in Kuhlia rupestris and Ambassis marianus and isolation of betanodavirus from infected pond water
DAO 142:1-11 | Full text in pdf format

Lei X, Zhao R, Geng Y, Wang K, Yang PO, Chen D, Huang X, Zuo Z, He C, Chen Z, Huang C, Guo H, Lai W
Nocardia seriolae: a serious threat to the largemouth bass Micropterus salmoides industry in Southwest China
DAO 142:13-21 | Full text in pdf format

Lacombe A, Pintado E, O’Byrne A, Allepuz A, Pérez-Rodriguez L, Domingo M
Ingestion of foreign materials by odontocetes along the Catalan coast: causes and consequences
DAO 142:23-31 | Full text in pdf format

Fiorito C, Marfil J, Falzoni E, Martínez Vivot M, Zumárraga M, Lombardo D, Barandiaran S
Tuberculosis in wild South American sea lions Otaria flavescens stranded in Chubut, Argentina
DAO 142:33-40 | Full text in pdf format

Foster G, Baily JL, Howie F, Brownlow AC, Wagenaar JA, Gilbert MJ, Miller WG, Byrne BA, Clothier KA, Schmitt T, Patterson T, Reid RJ, Dagleish MP
Campylobacter pinnipediorum subsp. caledonicus and C. pinnipediorum subsp. pinnipediorum recovered from abscesses in pinnipeds
DAO 142:41-46 | Full text in pdf format

Béland K, Séguin G, Lair S
Emamectin benzoate is a safe and effective anthelmintic against coelomic nematode Philometra rubra in striped bass Morone saxatilis
DAO 142:47-53 | Full text in pdf format

Li WT, Chiang YL, Chen TY, Lai CL
NOTE: Pulmonary hair embolism in a rescued free-ranging Eurasian otter Lutra lutra in Kinmen, Taiwan
DAO 142:55-61 | Full text in pdf format

Work TM, Millard E, Mariani DB, Weatherby TM, Rameyer RA, Dagenais J, Breeden R, Beale AM
Cytology reveals diverse cell morphotypes and cellin-cell interactions in normal collector sea urchins Tripneustes gratilla
DAO 142:63-73 | Full text in pdf format

Batueva MD
Morphological, histological, and molecular aspects of Myxobolus zaikae n. sp., a parasite of the roach Rutilus rutilus, in Lake Baikal
DAO 142:75-82 | Full text in pdf format

Chandran A, Zacharia PU, Sathianandan TV, Sanil NK
Ellipsomyxa ariusi sp. nov. (Myxosporea: Ceratomyxidae), a new myxosporean infecting the gallbladder of threadfin sea catfish Arius arius in India
DAO 142:83-97 | Full text in pdf format