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Diseases of Aquatic Organisms

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North Atlantic right whale (Catalog #3530 ‘Ruffian’), showing healed scarring from an entanglement 8 yr earlier. Photo credit: J. Durban & Holly Fearnbach

Moore MJ, Rowles TK, Fauquier DA, Baker JD, Biedron I, Durban JW, Hamilton PK, Henry AG, Knowlton AR, McLellan WA, Miller CA, Pace RM III, Pettis HM, Raverty S, Rolland RM, Schick RS, Sharp SM, Smith CR, Thomas L, van der Hoop JM, Ziccardi MH


REVIEW: Assessing North Atlantic right whale health: threats, and development of tools critical for conservation of the species

North Atlantic right whales are critically endangered and declining. Climate change, vessel strikes, entanglements and acoustic trauma engender poor health and reproductive failure, and are major threats to individuals and the species. Trauma reduction measures, and applying new tools to assess and enhance their health, are critically important.


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