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Diseases of Aquatic Organisms

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DAO - Vol. 153 - Table of contents

DAO - Vol. 153 - Table of contents

Dis Aquat Org (Online ISSN: 1616-1580)
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Bharath MS, Chandran R, Aeby GS, Senthilkumaran R, Ramkumaran K, Thanappan VPP, Chaudhury NR, Satyanarayana Ch
First report of yellow-banded tissue loss disease on coral reefs outside the Arabian/Persian Gulf
DAO 153:1-8 | Full text in pdf format

Loudon AH, Terrell KA, Davis RW, Umile TP, Lipps Jr GJ, Greathouse J, Chapman E, Roblee K, Kleopfer JD, Bales EK, Hyman OJ, Harris RN, Minbiole KPC
Metabolite compositions on skins of eastern hellbenders Cryptobranchus alleganiensis alleganiensis differ with location and captivity
DAO 153:9-16 | Full text in pdf format

Work TM, Dagenais J, Rameyer B, Breeden R, Weatherby TM
Mass mortality of collector urchins Tripneustes gratilla in Hawai`i
DAO 153:17-29 | Full text in pdf format

Lewisch E, Arnold F, Fuehrer HP, Harl J, Thielen F, El-Matbouli M
Parasites and their impact on thick-shelled river mussels Unio crassus from two populations in Luxembourg
DAO 153:31-43 | Full text in pdf format

Hughes SM, Dunker F, LaDouceur E
NOTE: Nephrolithiasis in a giant Pacific octopus Enteroctopus dofleini
DAO 153:45-49 | Full text in pdf format

Flechas SV, Urbina J, Crawford AJ, Gutiérrez K, Corrales K, Castellanos LA, González MA, Cuervo AM, Catenazzi A
First evidence of ranavirus in native and invasive amphibians in Colombia
DAO 153:51-58 | Full text in pdf format

Khangembam VC, Thakuria D, Pant V, Tandel RS, Vishwakarma BK, Pandey N, Pande A, Pandey PK
First report of Achlya bisexualis infection in captive-reared Endangered golden mahseer Tor putitora
DAO 153:59-68 | Full text in pdf format

Quinn EA, Malkin SH, Thomas JE, Rowley AF, Coates CJ
Histopathological survey of putative parasites and pathogens in non-native slipper limpets Crepidula fornicata
DAO 153:69-79 | Full text in pdf format

Masud N, Cable J
NOTE: Microplastic exposure and consumption increases susceptibility to gyrodactylosis and host mortality for a freshwater fish
DAO 153:81-85 | Full text in pdf format

Batueva MDD, Liu XH, Zhang JY, Voronin VN, Naydanov TI, Abasheev RY
A new species of Myxobolus (Cnidaria: Myxosporea: Myxobolidae) from the gibel carp Carassius gibelio (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae)
DAO 153:87-93 | Full text in pdf format

Moser RJ, Firestone SM, Franz LM, Genz B, Sellars MJ
Shrimp MultiPath™ multiplexed PCR white spot syndrome virus detection in penaeid shrimp
DAO 153:95-105 | Full text in pdf format