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Diseases of Aquatic Organisms

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DAO 24:233-237 (1996)  -  doi:10.3354/dao024233

In vitro effects of chemotherapeutants on the lobster parasite Anophryoides haemophila

Novotny MJ, Cawthorn RJ, Despres B

Anophryoides haemophila is a ciliated protozoan and the causative agent of bumper car disease in lobsters. An in vitro system was developed to assess the effects of chemotherapeutants on ciliate motility and morphology. Monensin, formaldehyde and pyrimethamine + sulphaquinoxaline caused a dose-dependent reduction in ciliate motility and induced cell lysis. The effects of oxytetracycline were dependent upon the incubation solution; no effect was observed on ciliates in seawater and a dose-dependent decrease in ciliate motility and cell rounding occurred in 0.8 M NaCl. Amprolium had no effect on ciliate motility or morphology. This system can be used to rapidly screen antiprotozoan compounds for efficacy against A. haemophila prior to selecting compounds for in vivo efficacy and safety studies.

Lobsters . Anophryoides haemophila . Bumper car disease . Chemotherapeutants . In vitro testing

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