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Diseases of Aquatic Organisms

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DAO 25:87-93 (1996)  -  doi:10.3354/dao025087

Stimulation of carp Cyprinus carpio lymphocytes in vitro by the blood fluke Sanguinicola inermis (Trematoda: Sanguinicolidae)

Richards DT, Hoole D, Lewis JW, Ewens E, Arme C

Interactions between extracts of adults or cercariae of the pathogenic blood fluke Sanguinicola inermis and lymphocytes of carp Cyprinus carpio were investigated in vitro by monitoring proliferation of pronephric and splenic lymphocytes at 10 and 20*C. Adult S. inermis were more mitogenic than cercariae at both temperatures. Splenic lymphocytes only responded to adult worm extracts at 10*C, whilst pronephric lymphocytes responded in a dose-dependent way to all extracts except those of cercariae at 10*C. Higher concentrations of the extracts reduced the degree of lymphocyte stimulation. These effects on pronephric and splenic lymphocytes of carp may be associated with stimulation and/or suppression of the immune response of the host.

Cyprinus carpio . Sanguinicola inermis . Lymphocyte . Mitogen

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