DAO 29:49-56 (1997)  -  doi:10.3354/dao029049

Epicellular and nodular coccidiosis in the intestine of barbel Barbus barbus

Baska F

During parasitological examination of Danubian barbels, an epicellular and a nodular coccidiosis were demonstrated in the gut of mature fish specimens. Both coccidioses appeared in late spring as concurrent infections. In that period, the prevalence of the epicellular species was 18.4% while nodular coccidiosis was detected in 1 fish specimen only. The mucus drawn off from the gut mucosa contained unsporulated oocysts of a Goussia species developing in epicellular location. Based upon their morphological characteristics after sporulation, they were described as a new species by the name of Goussia koertingi. The gamogonic stages and unsporulated oocysts of the other unidentified species with supranuclear development were detected from nodules located in specific areas of the gut epithelium.

New species · Epicellular coccidiosis · Nodular coccidiosis · Barbel · Seasonal appearance · Histopathology

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