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Diseases of Aquatic Organisms

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DAO - Vol. 55, No. 1 - Table of contents

DAO - Vol. 55, No. 1 - Table of contents

Dis Aquat Org (Print ISSN: 0177-5103; Online ISSN: 1616-1580)
Copyright © 2003 Inter-Research
Published June 20

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Otto Kinne
The scientific process: new forces attempt to enter the scene
DAO 55:1 | Full text in pdf format


Wongprasert K, Khanobdee K, Glunukarn SS, Meeratana P, Withyachumnarnkul B
Time-course and levels of apoptosis in various tissues of black tiger shrimp Penaeus monodon infected with white-spot syndrome virus
DAO 55:3-10 | Full text in pdf format

Fiala I, Dyková I
Molecular characterisation of Neoparamoeba strains isolated from gills of Scophthalmus maximus
DAO 55:11-16 | Full text in pdf format

Shinn AP, Wootten R, Côté I, Sommerville C
Efficacy of selected oral chemotherapeutants against Ichthyophthirius multifiliis (Ciliophora: Ophyroglenidae) infecting rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss
DAO 55:17-22 | Full text in pdf format

Rubio-Godoy M, Sigh J, Buchmann K, Tinsley RC
Immunization of rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss against Discocotyle sagittata (Monogenea)
DAO 55:23-30 | Full text in pdf format

Liyanage YS, Yokoyama H, Wakabayashi H
Evaluation of a vector-control strategy of haemorrhagic thelohanellosis in carp, caused by Thelohanellus hovorkai (Myxozoa)
DAO 55:31-35 | Full text in pdf format

Hedrick RP, McDowell TS, Marty GD, Fosgate GT, Mukkatira K, Myklebust K, El-Matbouli M
Susceptibility of two strains of rainbow trout (one with suspected resistance to whirling disease) to Myxobolus cerebralis infection
DAO 55:37-44 | Full text in pdf format

Hallett SL, Atkinson SD, Schöl H, El-Matbouli M
Characterisation of two novel types of hexactinomyxon spores (Myxozoa) with subsidiary protrusions on their caudal processes
DAO 55:45-57 | Full text in pdf format

Cho JB, Kim KH
Light- and electron-microscope description of Kudoa paralichthys n. sp. (Myxozoa, Myxosporea) from the brain of cultured olive flounder Paralichthys olivaceus in Korea
DAO 55:59-63 | Full text in pdf format


Woodhams DC, Alford RA, Marantelli G
Emerging disease of amphibians cured by elevated body temperature
DAO 55:65-67 | Full text in pdf format

Briñez B, Aranguren F, Salazar M
Fecal samples as DNA source for the diagnosis of Necrotizing Hepatopancreatitis (NHP) in Penaeus vannamei broodstock
DAO 55:69-72 | Full text in pdf format

Fernández M, Agustí C, Aznar FJ, Raga JA
Gastrointestinal helminths of Risso's dolphin Grampus griseus from the Western Mediterranean
DAO 55:73-76 | Full text in pdf format

Miles DJC, Thompson KD, Lilley JH, Adams A
Immunofluorescence of the epizootic ulcerative syndrome pathogen, Aphanomyces invadans, using a monoclonal antibody
DAO 55:77-84 | Full text in pdf format