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Diseases of Aquatic Organisms

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DAO 74:127-137 (2007)  -  doi:10.3354/dao074127

First description of myxozoans from Syria: novel records of hexactinomyxon, triactinomyxon and endocapsa actinospore types

Csaba Székely1,*, Sascha L. Hallett2, Ahmad Al-Samman3, Amal Dayoub4

1Veterinary Medical Research Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, PO Box 18, 1581 Budapest, Hungary
2Center for Fish Disease Research, Department of Microbiology, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon 97331, USA
3Veterinary Faculty, Al-Baath University, Hama, Syria
4Faculty of Science, Tishreen University, PO Box 2230, Latakia, Syria

ABSTRACT: Oligochaete worms collected in late March and early April 2005 from 3 freshwater biotopes in Syria were surveyed over an 11 wk period for myxosporean parasites (Myxozoa). Three types of novel actinospore stages were identified from 1 host species, Psammoryctides albicola. A hexactinomyxon was found in 6 P. albicola (7.5%) collected from a branch of the River Orontes, north of the city of Hama. A triactinomyxon and an endocapsa were found in single P. albicola specimens from the Al-Thaurah region of the Euphrates River (Lake Assad). No oligochaetes collected from Al-Ghab fish farm (Orontes region) released actinospores during the observation period. The present study is the first description of myxosporeans, including actinospore stages, from Syria. The 3 types described herein differ morphologically and molecularly (18S rDNA) from published records.

KEY WORDS: Myxozoa · Hexactinomyxon · Triactinomyxon · Endocapsa · Psammoryctides albicola · Orontes River · Euphrates River · Syria

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