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Diseases of Aquatic Organisms

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DAO 81:135-142 (2008)  -  DOI:

Influence of carp intestinal mucus molecular size and glycosylation on bacterial adhesion

V. Schroers*, M. Van Der Marel, D. Steinhagen

Fish Disease Research Unit, Centre of Infectious Diseases, University of Veterinary Medicine, Bünteweg 17,
30599 Hannover, Germany

ABSTRACT: The first step of the pathogenesis of many infectious diseases is the colonisation of the mucosal surface by the pathogen. Bacterial colonisation of the mucosal surface is promoted by adherence to high molecular weight mucus glycoproteins. We examined the effect of carp intestinal mucus glycoproteins on the adhesion of different bacteria. The bacteria used were 3 strains of Aeromonas hydrophila, and A. salmonicida, Edwardsiella tarda and Yersinia ruckeri. All bacteria adhered to mucus, but at varying intensities. All tested bacteria adhered best to molecules of 670 to 2000 kDa in size, less to molecules larger than 2000 kDa and weakest to molecules of 30 to 670 kDa. In general, bacteria that showed a stronger adhesion to intestinal mucus were cytotoxic to cells in vitro, and bacteria that showed a weaker adhesion to intestinal mucus did not lead to alterations of monolayers of EPC-cells. Furthermore, the involvement of glycan side chains of the glycoproteins for bacterial adhesion was analysed for one A. hydrophila strain. After cleavage of terminal sugar residues by treatment of mucus glycoproteins with different glycosidases, binding of bacteria was modulated. When mannose was cleaved off, adhesion significantly increased. Blocking of glycan receptors by incubation of bacteria with different oligosaccharides had no clear effect on bacterial binding to mucus glycoproteins. Our results suggest that bacteria interact with carbohydrate side chains of mucus glycoproteins, and that the carbohydrates of the core region are involved in bacterial binding.

KEY WORDS: Adhesion · Mucus · Intestine · Aeromonas hydrophila · Common carp

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Cite this article as: Schroers V, Van Der Marel M, Steinhagen D (2008) Influence of carp intestinal mucus molecular size and glycosylation on bacterial adhesion. Dis Aquat Org 81:135-142.

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