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Diseases of Aquatic Organisms

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DAO 81:249-254 (2008)  -  DOI:

Generation of safety enhanced Edwardsiella tarda ghost vaccine

Dong Jin Lee1, Se Ryun Kwon1, Kosuke Zenke1, Eun Hye Lee1, Yoon Kwon Nam2, Sung Koo Kim3, Ki Hong Kim1,*

1Department of Aquatic Life Medicine, 2Department of Aquaculture, 3Faculty of Food Science and Biotechnology, Pukyong National University, Pusan 608-737, Korea
*Corresponding author. Email:

ABSTRACT: A dual vector expressing the ghost-inducing PhiX174 lysis E gene and the bacterial DNA degrading staphylococcal nuclease A (SNA) gene was constructed to solve the problem of remnant antibiotic resistance genes and genomic DNA with intact pathogenic islands in the final product of Edwardsiella tarda ghosts (ETG). The SNA (devoid of secretion signal sequence and the nuclease B amino terminus sequence), fused with the 26 amino acid N-terminal sequence of the λ phage Cro gene, showed successful degradation of bacterial nucleic acids. Furthermore, the nuclease activity of SNA in E. tarda was enhanced by codon optimization of the SNA gene using site-directed mutagenesis. ETG were generated via coexpression of the SNA gene and lysis gene E under the control of each λPR promoter. The ghost bacteria generation system we describe is advantageous as it allows the use of a single plasmid, improves safety and vaccine purity by limiting residual genetic content from the ghost bacteria, and reduces production costs through cheap means of induction that use only temperature shifts.

KEY WORDS: Edwardsiella tarda · Ghost bacteria · Staphylococcal nuclease A · Dual vector · Safety enhancement

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Cite this article as: Lee DJ, Kwon SR, Zenke K, Lee EH, Nam YK, Kim SK, Kim KH (2008) Generation of safety enhanced Edwardsiella tarda ghost vaccine. Dis Aquat Org 81:249-254.

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