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Endangered Species Research

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ESR - Vol. 11, No. 3 - Table of contents

ESR - Vol. 11, No. 3 - Table of contents

Endang Species Res (Print ISSN: 1863-5407; Online ISSN: 1613-4796)
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Becker CD, Mounce HL, Rassmussen TA, Rauch-Sasseen A, Swinnerton KJ, Leonard DL
Nest success and parental investment in the Critically Endangered Maui parrotbill Pseudonestor xanthophrys with implications for recovery
ESR 11:189-194 | Full text in pdf format

Allen ZC, Shah NJ, Grant A, Derand GD, Bell D
Hawksbill turtle monitoring in Cousin Island Special Reserve, Seychelles: an eight-fold increase in annual nesting numbers
ESR 11:195-200 | Full text in pdf format

Shepherd CR
Illegal primate trade in Indonesia exemplified by surveys carried out over a decade in North Sumatra
ESR 11:201-205 | Full text in pdf format -ESR Special: Primate Conservation

Sarasola JH, Santillán MÁ, Galmes MA
Crowned eagles rarely prey on livestock in central Argentina: persecution is not justified
ESR 11:207-213 | Full text in pdf format

Emrick VR, Tweddale S, St. Germain M
Characterization of golden-cheeked warbler Dendroica chrysoparia habitat at Fort Hood, Texas, USA
ESR 11:215-220 | Full text in pdf format

Hart KM, Fujisaki I
Satellite tracking reveals habitat use by juvenile green sea turtles Chelonia mydas in the Everglades, Florida, USA
ESR 11:221-232 | Full text in pdf format

Andriolo A, Kinas PG, Engel MH, Albuquerque Martins CC, Rufino AM
Humpback whales within the Brazilian breeding ground: distribution and population size estimate
ESR 11:233-243 | Full text in pdf format

Hamann M, Godfrey MH, Seminoff JA, Arthur K, Barata PCR, Bjorndal KA, Bolten AB, Broderick AC, Campbell LM, Carreras C, Casale P, Chaloupka M, Chan SKF, Coyne MS, Crowder LB, Diez CE, Dutton PH, Epperly SP, FitzSimmons NN, Formia A, Girondot M, Hays GC, Cheng IS, Kaska Y, Lewison R, Mortimer JA, Nichols WJ, Reina RD, Shanker K, Spotila JR, Tomás J, Wallace BP, Work TM, Zbinden J, Godley BJ
Global research priorities for sea turtles: informing management and conservation in the 21st century
ESR 11:245-269 | Full text in pdf format

Lemckert F
Habitat relationships and presence of the threatened heath frog Litoria littlejohni (Anura: Hylidae) in central New South Wales, Australia
ESR 11:271-278 | Full text in pdf format